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Reimbursement Request Form

Thank You for Visiting JobsOhio’s Reimbursement Submission Page

As soon as the company has incurred enough costs and had an On-Boarding call with a member of the Project Performance Team (PPT), the company is encouraged to take advantage of its available funds. A final reimbursement request must be submitted no later than the Metric Evaluation Date on the first page of the executed Agreement.

Please complete the Reimbursement Request Form below. For the detailed steps on how to develop your reimbursement request click here.

Submission ID

For all new Projects, the PPT has generated your Submission ID via email from with a subject of “JobsOhio Reimbursement Submission Information.” If you did not receive this email within 6 weeks after your Agreement was executed, please check you spam or junk folder. If you are unable to locate it, please contact the PPT.

***If your Agreement was executed prior to February of 2020, please email to request your Submission ID. Please include the Grantee or Borrower name and the Program type(s) and amount(s) in your email. Each Program your company was awarded will need a separate Submission ID that will be used for each request for reimbursement.

JobsOhio Required Documentation Checklist

Please attach all reimbursement documentation below on the Reimbursement Request Form. For full details on how to compile the documents below, click here.

  1. Excel Invoice / Training Summary
  2. Consolidated PDF of Invoices and Proofs of Payment (PoPs)
  3. Distribution Conditions

Metric Commitment Update

Please note that JobsOhio no longer requires the physical copy of the Reimbursement Request Form to be signed and submitted as an attachment. With that, an update on the Metric Commitments found in the executed Agreement must be provided on the Reimbursement Request Form below. Please note that if these fields are left blank, the request for reimbursement cannot be processed.

***If your executed Agreement does not have certain commitments like the training related questions below, you must enter “0” (zero) to submit the form.

Please Read Before Submitting

When Grantee or Borrower is ready to submit, it must submit the request on their own behalf. JobsOhio’s online Reimbursement Request Form now requires an individual with signing authority within the company to submit the form. When submitting, please double check that you are entering the correct Submission ID to ensure the PPT receives your request. If the Submission ID is entered incorrectly, the PPT will not receive the request.

If you have any issues uploading the documentation, please utilize your folder to upload the documents. JobsOhio still requires the submission of the online Reimbursement Request Form below. If you utilize to transmit your files, please follow-up via email to to notify the PPT.

Once submitted, you will receive a pop-up notification indicating it was submitted successfully. Please note at this time you will not receive an email confirmation of your submission.

Per the executed Agreement, the PPT has 30 days to review the request to either submit it on for disbursement approval or to reach out to the client should any issues be present. If an update is required, once documentation is resubmitted to JobsOhio, the 30-day timer restarts. If all documentation is submitted in the required format the first time around, we estimate that it could take 4-6 weeks for disbursement of funds. If the PPT has any questions, it will reach out to the Reimbursement Contact for an update to the request. If the documents are submitted correctly, the PPT will process and notify the Reimbursement Contact when the funds will be disbursed.

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