Reimbursement Request

Thank you for visiting JobsOhio’s Reimbursement submission page. As soon as the company has incurred enough costs, the Project Performance Team (PPT) encourages it to take advantage of its available funds.

Please complete the Reimbursement Submission Formbelow. All other steps on how to develop your reimbursement request can be found in the JobsOhio Reimbursement Guide or by clicking here.

Once you have all documents in the correct format, please email requesting the Submission ID. Please include the Grantee or Borrower name and the Program type(s) and amount(s)in your email. Each Program your company was awarded will need a separate Submission ID and will be used for each request for reimbursement.

When submitting, please double check that you are entering the correct Submission ID to ensure the PPT receives your request.

On the Reimbursement Submission Form, please attach all reimbursement documentation, including the signed Reimbursement Request Form, Excel Invoice / Training Summary, Invoices and Proof of Payment, and any documentation indicating the disbursement conditions have been met. Invoices and proof of payment should be in one consolidated PDF file in chronological order from oldest to newest.

If you have any issues uploading the documentation, please utilize your folder to upload the documents and submit the Reimbursement Submission Form without the files to ensure processing of your reimbursement.

Once submitted, you will receive a pop-up notification indicating it was submitted successfully. If the documents are submitted correctly, the PPT will process and notify you when the funds will be disbursed. If the PPT has any questions, it will reach out to you for further details.