Starkey at Warner Road

SiteOhio authenticated means construction ready day one.

Starkey at Warner Road, which has been deemed among Ohio’s top sites, is located three miles off of US 33, and within a 45-minute drive of John Glenn Columbus International Airport.  Union County Community Improvement Corporation and Columbus 2020 collaborated to inventory the site’s compelling features that make it ideal for business.

  • has dual feed redundant electric service capabilities.
  • has large excess water and sewer capacities.
  • has access to a large regional labor force.

Overview of Site

Site Address: 7837 Industrial Parkway
City: Plain City
County: Union
Ownership: Starkey Family Enterprises, LLC
Min Size: 10 acres
Max Size: 73.9 acres
Price Per Acre: $60,000/acre
Zoning: Industrial
Distance to four-lane highway or interstate: 3 miles
Rail Service: No

Utility Service

Utility capacities are subject to change over time.
Please contact the site representative for the most recent information.

Electric to Park Boundaries

Excess Electric Capacity: 10 MW
Distance to Substation: 3 miles
Type of Feed: Dual feed - dual substations

Natural Gas to Park Boundaries

Excess Gas Capacity: 10-20 MCF/hour
Available Pressure: 75-80 PSI

Water to Park Boundaries

Excess Water Capacity: 1.5 MGD
Total Capacity of System: 4 MGD

Sewer to Park Boundaries

Excess Sewer Capacity: 4 MGD
Total Capacity of System: 8 MGD

Fiber/Telecom Service to Park Boundaries

Fiber/Telecom Service to Park Boundaries: Yes

Due Diligence Studies and Reports

Site Utilities

All utilities are available on the site with adequate capacities and can be viewed in the interactive map below. Click on the utility options above the map to view the approximate location of each utility line: electric (red), water (blue), fiber (purple), gas (yellow), and sewer (green).

Electric Water Fiber Gas Sewer Utility Map

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, I’m Jungle Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I’m really excited to tell you about a wonderful investment opportunity right here in Ohio.

This is Starkey at Warner Road, a site that has been pre-vetted to guarantee speed, cost, and risk benefits for locating businesses. Conveniently located within a 45-minute drive of John Glenn Columbus International Airport, this SiteOhio Authenticated property is in close proximity to US Route 33 and I-270, has access to a large regional population and labor force, and offers robust water and sewer capabilities. With flexibility in selecting a lot configuration, the park boasts 74 construction ready acres.

Starkey at Warner Road has all major utilities to the park boundaries with verified excess capacities, including an electric line with dual feed redundant capabilities, a natural gas line, a water line, and a sanitary sewer line. The site also offers fiber capabilities.

All due diligence studies have been completed on this property, and authorizing state and federal entities have reviewed and provided concurrence with the findings. This effort minimizes unknowns to alleviate business expenses, and offers a streamlined opportunity for development.

The property has also been evaluated for compatible surrounding uses, and is located adjacent to multiple mature industrial parks. To experience more SiteOhio Authenticated sites, please visit the Site Selection page at