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Annual Report Submission

Annual Report Due March 1st

Regardless of the day of the week March 1st falls, your company will be considered non-compliant if the Annual Report is not received by March 1st. Remaining noncompliant will result in your company no longer being eligible for awarded funds or could result in JobsOhio seeking repayment of disbursed funds per the terms of the executed Agreement

As part of the grant or loan agreement signed, your organization is required to file an Annual Report informing JobsOhio of specific project metric commitments. By utilizing our online resources below to compile the required information, it should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete the Annual Report. Should you need assistance, please contact

First Time User Registration

All first time users are required to register to create an account. The Project Performance Team emailed details to register to create an account. The individual receiving the email is the only person that can utilize the Organization Code to register. If the contact needs changed, please email with the contact information of an individual that has signing authority who is able to fulfill this requirement.


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Already Have An Account?

If you have previously completed a Grant Survey or Annual Report for a JobsOhio Project, click above to submit online. Please note the account is tied directly to the person receiving the communication. If you login and do not see the Annual Report, it is assigned to the contact receiving the email communication from If you encounter issues resetting your password, please reply to the annual report email that was sent to your inbox and indicate your need for assistance.




Diversity Equity & Inclusion Questions

JobsOhio is committed to DEI to ensure we are engaging and supporting underrepresented groups throughout Ohio. JobsOhio endorses fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement of all Ohioans. JobsOhio would like to provide you with an opportunity to share your organization’s efforts to promote DEI within your company and culture. To that end, JobsOhio has incorporated questions in the Annual Report on DEI. Answering these questions is optional and is not required by your agreement with JobsOhio. Your responses will be used for internal JobsOhio purposes only and will not be reported publicly in any way that connects the responses to your company.



Job Creation Tax Credit?

If your company was awarded a Job Creation Tax Credit from the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) (formerly the Ohio Development Services Agency) in addition to the JobsOhio incentive, you will have to file two Annual Reports, one with JobsOhio and one with ODOD. Please note the information reported on both Annual Reports should be identical.






Annual Report “How To” Videos

The Project Performance Team (PPT) developed short “How To” videos to provide you with a better understanding of what your company is required to file by March 1st. Within the link, you will also find a worksheet to aid your company in submitting the Annual Report. It is recommended you watch the video and complete the worksheet with your company’s key data points prior to logging in to the Annual Report. With that information available, it should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete the Annual Report.

video thumbnail

Chapter 1

Who is the JobsOhio Performance Team? What is the Annual Report and why do we file? Accessing the Annual Report

video thumbnail

Chapter 2

Starting the Annual Report; Who should file the Annual Report? What does the Annual Report include?

video thumbnail

Chapter 3

What are FTEs? Reporting created & retained jobs – Question 1

video thumbnail

Chapter 4

Reporting Total Payroll – Question 2; Reporting the Total Training Investment – Question 3; Reporting the Total to be Trained – Question 4.

video thumbnail

Chapter 5

Will your company meet its commitments? - Question 6: Reviewing your Annual Report, certifying your Annual Report, thank you for submitting

video thumbnail

Chapter 6

After submitting, what's next?

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