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Talent Acquisition Services

The JobsOhio Talent Acquisition Services program (TAS) has been developed to identify a company’s talent challenges and build sustainable talent recruitment strategies that provide support at every stage of the candidate journey. From employer brand building and attraction to screening and training, the TAS program provides a customized approach based on the company’s needs. The goal is to build a talent plan and execute that plan alongside the company’s existing recruiting efforts to help them solve their biggest talent challenges.JobsOhio uses a three-pronged approach to support a company’s growth and hiring goals in Ohio:

  1. Talent attraction, sourcing, and marketing
  2. Pre-screening and assessments
  3. Training


The TAS program is intended for companies that are expanding in or are new to Ohio with concerns around finding the right talent or executing the right talent strategies for their hiring needs.


The TAS program is a service provided by and a strategic engagement in collaboration with JobsOhio over a 12-24-month period. It is not a grant or a loan, but a professional service built and delivered with the company.

The TAS program is unique in that rather than disbursing funds, JobsOhio will spend the applicable program value on the company’s behalf to deliver the agreed upon talent acquisition strategy and related services. Depending on the company’s unique talent needs, the program can assist with attracting, screening, and training talent for open positions and provide strategic advising from a combination of JobsOhio Talent Team Members and JobsOhio partners. Service delivery will be customized for companies based on requirements and specifications for the particular project.

Eligible uses of funds:

  • Talent Advising (included in every project): JobsOhio will provide assistance in reviewing the candidate experience, attraction and application processes, refining outreach and intake, matching the company with relevant partners for long-term talent development and expanding talent pools based on regionally crafted strategies.
  • Candidate Marketing and Attraction: This use includes recruitment marketing strategy and supporting channel strategies, digital and traditional advertising costs (in and out of state), recruitment branding and creative development, job posting licensure, event promotion and sponsorships, and associated services with advertising job opportunities.
  • Sourcing Talent: One-to-one connections will be facilitated with validated talent pools and partners by the JobsOhio Talent Service. Labor market data for direct engagement will also be provided, as well as outreach and recruitment support.
  • Pre-screening Talent: Companies selected for this program will have use of and access to JobsOhio’s extensive menu of tools to ensure alignment between candidates and the company’s required skills, knowledge and abilities. Pre-screening tools can be customized to the company’s position requirements.
  • Pre-hire Training: Unlike the JobsOhio Workforce Training Grant (reimbursement model), the TAS program can fund pre-hire training activities for the company with no upfront costs for the company. Utilizing an agreed upon and standardized training curriculum, delivery would come from a trusted JobsOhio partner. Training delivery will be customized to the company’s requirements.

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