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Theken Companies, LLC is the parent of numerous advanced medical device companies, including NextStep AM. Randy Theken is the founder of Theken Companies, including NextStep Arthropedix and NextStep Extremities. Mr. Theken was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. He began four orthopedic medical device companies, known as the Theken Family of Companies. After finishing graduate school at the University of Akron, Theken Orthopaedic, Inc. was founded providing mechanical testing/FDA regulatory services of orthopedic implants for major medical device companies, generating hundreds of FDA submissions each year. Five years later, he founded Theken Spine, LLC which designed, developed, manufactured and distributed spinal fixation devices nationwide. In mid-2003, Theken Disc was founded to specifically focus on R&D Facility development of next generation spinal arthroplasty devices such as a microelectronic artificial replacement spinal disc. July of 2005 Mr. Theken formed Therics, LLC as an Ohio corporation through the purchase of ownership from Tredger Corporation, which designed, developed and manufactured a variety of synthetic bone substitute products. A master-degreed electrical and mechanical engineer, Randy Theken and his rapidly growing family of companies made significant impact on the spinal implant industry. After Theken Spine, Theken Disc and Therics were purchased by Integra in 2008, he ran Integra?s spine division for a short period of time.