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Viscus Biologics, LLC designs and develops novel products based upon allograft or xenograft tissue. Viscus works with its sister company, Proxy Biomedical, to offer clients an integrated approach to the development of products that combine biologics with synthetic materials. Currently, the company offers four product lines – AlloMEM, XenoMEM, CholoMEM and collagen products. The AlloMEM line is freeze dried irradiated allograft peritoneal membrane approved for homologous tissue wound covering. XenoMEM is decellularized porcine peritoneal membrane with high mechanical strength and available in sizes up to 25 x 35 cm. The CholoMEM product is decellularized porcine cholocyst (gall bladder) membrane with applications that include tissue engineering, wound care and staple line reinforcement. Viscus’ collagen products, both branded and private label, are porcine tendon type 1 available in various pore sizes.