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A Competitive Advantage for Ohio

JobsOhio helps Ohio seize a generational opportunity to bring supply chains home to the U.S.

JobsOhio’s mission is economic development, and the unique model is working

As a business, JobsOhio focuses on strategic investments to ensure that every project provides a direct benefit to the state. We invest funds in projects that will have a positive impact on Ohio, promising long-term, in-state growth and good-paying jobs for Ohioans.
The unique JobsOhio model is broken into four parts:

  1. Private Nonprofit Corporation working outside but alongside state government
  2. Private stable funding from the JobsOhio Beverage System
  3. Staffed by seasoned professionals with over 2,094 years of experience in the sectors we work with and economic development
  4. We work with six regional partners known as the JobsOhio Network who deliver a local touch and help us to scale the work we do across the state

From 2001-2010, Ohio lost 18% of its jobs in the ten critical sectors where it must compete and win. Since 2011, JobsOhio has helped add over 175,000 jobs back in those ten sectors.

It’s Working and Ohio is Winning!


Intel Choses Ohio to Build the Silicon Heartland
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Auto projects: $1.3B capex 3,219 new jobs since ‘21
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Record new job commitments from 414 projects in 2021
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Invested by JobsOhio Growth Capital Fund
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Investment for 3 world-class Innovation Districts
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Most affordable state in the U.S.
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JobsOhio’s Unique Funding Model Creates Value for Ohio

Using profits and not tax dollars to attract and create jobs, companies increase Ohio’s tax base while capital investments create construction jobs

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JobsOhio Work Recognized

Organizations across the country are looking at the JobsOhio model and recognizing it as best-in-class in economic development and nonprofits

Organization of the Year - ABA
Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency since 2018

Over 3,300 projects in 11 years and we’re just getting started

Ohio Making Headlines

National media and leaders across Ohio are referencing the work JobsOhio is doing to help build jobs and investments that will build an innovative and resilient future.

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