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JobsOhio Board of Directors

Meet Our Board

Robert C. Smith headshot
Robert C. Smith
Board Chairman, Executive Committee Chair, Partner and Cleveland
Market Leader, Cerity Partners LLC
J.P. Nauseef headshot
J.P. Nauseef
Executive Committee
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Sue Thornton headshot
Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton
Audit Committee Chair, Compensation & Workforce Committee CEO
DreamCatcher Educational Consulting Service
Rick Platt headshot
Richard J. Platt
Audit Committee, Compensation & Workforce Committee
President and CEO, Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority
General Lester L. Lyles headshot
General Lester L. Lyles
Compensation & Workforce Committee Chair, Investment Committee
United States Air Force (Retired)
John Bishop headshot
John J. Bishop
Investment Committee Chair, Executive Committee
Encova Insurance, Board of Directors
Lori Gillett headshot
Lori Marie Gillett
Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Investment Committee
CEO, Corna Kokosing
Scott A. Sullivan
Audit Committee, Compensation & Workforce Committee
Thomas Williams headshot
Thomas L. Williams
Executive Committee, Investment Committee
President and CEO, North American Properties
William Batchelder headshot
William G. Batchelder
In Memorium: Emeritus Board Member
(Oct. 2020 – Feb. 2022)

Accolades for Ohio

People and businesses share their experiences.

We are thrilled to continue our growth in the great state of Ohio. We are grateful to partner with both JobsOhio and REDI Cincinnati on this project and look forward to our continued growth in the region.
Jennifer Richardson Hutcheson
Chief Relationship Offer, SugarCreek
Matsu Ohio is proud to be part of the Williams County community and is excited about the opportunity to grow our customer base create jobs, and increase production volume at our Edgerton site.
Robert Teixeira
Director of U.S. Operations, Matsu
We have been a part of this community for many years and appreciate all of the support, including the economic development services from JobsOhio, Dayton Development Corporation and Clinton County.
Kristen Parr
Vice President and General Manager, Alkermes

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