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Cool Cincinnati Startup Excels in Ohio Tech Environment

Tech companies thrive with cost savings, talent

Milind Paranjape, director, JobsOhioWed Mar 28 2018
Cincinnati Startup

Technology is transforming practically every industry. It is also becoming the catalyst for new startups. And being in “tech” is in demand.

Tech talent and millennials with a desire to be in the field go to places that not only have job opportunities with funded companies, but also have an excellent quality of life. They want to move to communities that are diverse and vibrant and have a lot to see and do.

Tech workers often choose coastal locations, which have these opportunities. But they also have a higher cost of living. Achieving success in tech doesn’t need to come with a large price tag. Tech talent can find great jobs and an excellent quality of life in a more affordable environment conducive to growth – an environment like what you find in Ohio.

LISNR is a perfect example of a tech company thriving in Ohio. In fact, this Cincinnati-based startup is turning heads at some of the world’s biggest companies.

The Internet of Sound

LISNR is reshaping how sound can be used to send data. LISNR technology uses software and sound to securely transmit data over a near-ultrasonic audio signal, which is basically inaudible to almost everyone. There’s no wireless connection to pair with and no cell signal to search for. All that is needed is a speaker and a microphone. How it works is that a LISNR-enabled device (computer, phone, etc.) can encode data into audio signals. This sound is then received by another device and decoded back to its original form. This is one instance where silence says so much.

Data-Over-Audio Partnerships

LISNR’s technology has caught the eye of many companies interested in collaboration. These innovators are paying attention to data-over-audio opportunities, one of which is Intel.

Intel has made investments in developing the LISNR technology, but that’s not all. LISNR is partnering with:

  • Jaguar Land Rover to integrate its technology into Jaguar Land Rovers, providing the vehicle and its driver with new functionality.
  • Ticketmaster on a new digital ticket. Say goodbye to QR codes, as tickets transmitted via sound will easily get you into the theater.
  • One of the largest retailers in the world to launch a new mobile payment offering.

Attendees of SXSW experienced LISNR’s technology firsthand by using audio tickets to gain entry into LISNR’s party.

Tech Takes Off in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a colorful and thriving city populated by people with creativity and passion. In the midst of this bustling entrepreneurial environment is LISNR.

“The state has been a partner not only in helping us build a business, but also in acquiring customers and investors,” says Rodney Williams, co-founder of LISNR.

Cincinnati’s tech ecosystem is strong, and many companies with a Silicon Valley mindset are flourishing. Tech scale-up organizations like CincyTech, a public-private, seed-stage investor, and Cintrifuse, a startup catalyst, are attracting, supporting and inspiring tech companies in the region.

LISNR sees a wealth of opportunity for Ohio companies, particularly in the area of Fintech. Paycor, a human resources and payroll solutions provider, is thriving in Cincinnati, as is fellow Cincinnati resident DotLoop, which was bought by Zillow. Plus, Ohio has the Fintech71 accelerator, which is continuing to earn more and more global recognition.

There’s a major talent advantage in Ohio. A qualified talent pool is constantly refilled by major colleges and universities across the state, including The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Dayton and University of Cincinnati. Additionally, talent from around the world is recruited by LISNR and brought to Ohio. It’s a draw to be a part of such a rich tech culture, yet still have a great quality of life that is more affordable than in any coastal tech hub.

Startups and companies alike are revolutionizing the world of data and technology, right here in Ohio! LISNR’s success reinforces that other innovators can succeed, too.

So, open your mind and get ready to embark on your digital journey with tech opportunities in Ohio.

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