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Intel in Ohio

As Intel builds its $20B facility, Ohio is laying the groundwork for the future.


A rendering of the Intel facility using an aerial view
A rendering of the Intel facility front view

The Ohio Campus At-a-glance

Intel decided to expand their chip manufacturing operations, and Ohio stepped up. Leveraging JobsOhio, Intel and Ohio were able to move at the speed of business. Intel’s state-of-the-art Ohio manufacturing facility will be its most advanced.


new hi-tech Intel jobs


capital investment


new leading-technology semiconductor fabs


leading-edge semiconductor chip manufacturing facility in Ohio


construction jobs over the course of the build.


of thousands of indirect and support jobs like contractors, suppliers, and consultants in addition to employee and construction jobs.


existing Ohio businesses already supply Intel and will benefit. Many more will be required to enable and optimize production.


acre site in Licking County.

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