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Intel to Build New Factory in Ohio

Governor and Intel leader holding a plaque

The Problem:

  • 70% of semiconductors are produced in Asia
  • Foreign-built chips create national security risks
  • Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs have left the U.S.
  • A shortage of chips is strangling more than 300 downstream economic sectors and puts 26 million jobs at risk

The Solution:

U.S.-based Intel chose Ohio to launch a new hi-tech campus to manufacture semiconductors. This move will create thousands of high-paying jobs, secure America’s chip supply chain, launch the semiconductor sector in the state, and reinforce Ohio as a magnet for attracting talent and businesses.

Semiconductors are essential:

Intel’s semiconductors are crucial to the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, data center, and defense sectors. Also known as “chips,” Intel’s semiconductors are widely used, including for:

  • Computers and smartphones
  • Cloud devices
  • Medical equipment
  • The Internet of Things
  • Military defense systems

Despite being a key building block in almost every piece of technology we use, only 12 percent of semiconductors were manufactured in the United States in 2020. Making one chip takes approximately three months and machines worth a combined $150 million. On top of a highly strained global supply chain, it means that American consumers, and our government, are facing a serious shortage of essential chips.

The Ohio Campus At-a-glance

Intel decided to expand their chip manufacturing operations, and Ohio stepped up. Leveraging JobsOhio, Intel and Ohio were able to move at the speed of business. Intel’s planned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ohio will be their most hi-te


new hi-tech Intel jobs


capital investment


new leading-technology semiconductor fabs


semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility in Ohio


construction jobs over the course of the build.


of thousands of indirect and support jobs like contractors, suppliers, and consultants in addition to employee and construction jobs.


existing Ohio companies already supply Intel and will benefit. Many more will be required to enable and optimize production.


acre site in Licking County.

Intel’s investment in America

Intel decided to expand their chip manufacturing operations, and Ohio stepped up. Leveraging JobsOhio, Intel and Ohio were able to move at the speed of business. Intel’s planned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ohio will be their most hi-tech manufacturing campus, yet. And building in Ohio will create an unprecedented shift in the semiconductor industry.


Intel’s is the largest economic event in Ohio’s history. Its effects will be felt in the state for years to come, creating opportunities for Ohioans for generations. It also represents a turning point for U.S. manufacturing, as a proof point for the growing call to bring manufacturing operations back to the U.S. to alleviate logistical challenges, lessen the reliance on foreign workers and better serve North American customers.


Intel is a U.S.-based company committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. The new site will be designed and constructed with green building principles, and the new factories have a goal to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, achieve net positive water use, and achieve zero total waste to landfill in support of Intel’s 2030 sustainability goals. For more information on Intel’s plans in Ohio and its commitment to the community, visit the Intel Ohio web page.


If you are interested in providing construction-related services, please email


If you are interested in providing other business services, please visit the Intel Prospective Supplier Application Portal for U.S.-based companies.


If you are interested in joining the Intel team, explore the career opportunities in Ohio.

“We are excited to call Ohio home to Intel’s first new manufacturing site in 40 years. We expect Intel Ohio will become one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing sites in the world over the next decade.”
Pat Gelsinger
CEO Intel

Ohio's Advantage

In 2020, Ohio had the third-largest manufacturing GDP of any state. Global manufacturers including Honda, Boeing, GE Aviation, Vertiv, Parker Hannifin and more already leverage our robust manufacturing community. Our ability to attract, train, and retain, top talent drives our success—and the success of businesses like Intel.


Additionally, Ohio has a geographically powerful location. Within just a one-day drive of 60 percent of the population of the U.S. and Canada, Ohio is a perfect strategic location to bolster the supply chain.

Creating a solution to a national problem

While reliance on semiconductors continues to increase, production has decreased. Ohio is proud to be Intel’s partner in rectifying that problem. We are fully committed to the company’s mission of improving American competitiveness and protecting national security by domestically producing chips with a commitment to the environment.

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