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TRC’s New Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test (SMART) Center is Ready for Action in Ohio

The Transportation Research Center, North America’s largest automotive proving ground, cut the ribbon on its Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test (SMART) Center. The SMARTCenter is designed to test advanced automotive and mobility technologies in a safe, secure and replicable real-world environment before the vehicles are deployed on public roads and highways.

Thu Aug 08 20192 min read

News: Advanced Mobility

Autonomous mobility is all about the wide world of self-driving vehicles, vehicles that function without the need for a human operator. Whether you are considering self-driving cars in the automotive industry or unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in the aviation industry, the future of mobility is autonomous.


Ohio’s partnerships and infrastructure set the state up to be at the forefront in the pursuit of smart mobility and advanced air mobility.


No other state has the infrastructure, research partners, test facilities, and federally backed certifications that are available in Ohio. This advanced mobility innovation network gives researchers, developers, and manufacturers a clear path to design, test, and commercialize autonomous driving technologies.


In Ohio, you will find all the local support necessary for your autonomous vehicles and connected transportation needs, including performance-based incentives, research & development grants, and even help with site and building development. From self-driving cars to unmanned aerial vehicles, there’s no place better than Ohio for advanced mobility.


Autonomous vehicle technology and research are impacting the way auto and aviation manufacturers are designing the cars and planes of tomorrow. As the world moves towards being fully autonomous, JobsOhio will keep you informed with the latest news on advanced mobility solutions for the automated driving industry.

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