Ohio. Find Opportunity Here.

There’s a place in the eastern region of the U.S., just below the Great Lakes with cities, natural resources and possibility. That place is Ohio. Ohio ranks among the world’s largest economies – rich with resources, technology, education, globally recognized companies and skilled Ohioans with a strong work ethic. From the very beginning, people have been the heartbeat of the state. Join us in transforming big ideas into reality.

"We have had an exceptional experience working with the JobsOhio team. They were a critical factor in our decision to continue concentrating our workforce in the Central Ohio region."
- Scott, Quantum Health, Inc.

About JobsOhio

Economic development is about creating a place where companies can thrive and individuals can enjoy a higher standard of living. JobsOhio plays a leading role in economic development and serves as a catalyst to accelerate growth by investing in communities, helping Ohio’s businesses expand and attracting new companies to the state – all contributing to job creation, greater payrolls and more investment.

The Ohio Advantage

Redefine innovation with Ohio’s competitive assets. Ohio is the premier location for companies that want to build a legacy.  Leverage these advantages to achieve next-level success.

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Ohio Business Climate - Cranes

Business Climate

Ohio’s strong and growing economy provides stability and predictability for companies. Whether it’s our $2 billion budget reserve or lower taxes and operating costs, Ohio’s pro-business tax climate provides companies high-quality results at a fraction of the cost compared to other states.



We are driven by our people - a labor force of over 5.6 million. With more than 200 educational institutions that combine classroom, technology and hands-on work, you get the talent today that is ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

Location & Infrastructure in Ohio

Location & Infrastructure

Ohio’s location and integrated transportation infrastructure enable Ohio companies to reach customers and suppliers quickly and cost effectively, while also making it easy to leverage next-generation logistics capabilities.

Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation

Ohio’s comprehensive network of innovative institutions offers companies opportunity to collaborate and partner on new discoveries that can further their competitive advantage and impact their respective industries.


The Industries Transforming Ohio

The large number of diverse industries all found in the state – industries that have evolved to meet the excitement and challenges of a digital, knowledge-based world. Manufacturing, Agriculture and Automotive are already transforming to what’s next – clean, high-tech working environments. Healthcare, Technology, Aerospace, Logistics, and Financial Services are also industries leading the way.

Plus, Ohio is one of the few states that has all five Game Changers, opportunities for U.S. growth and renewal, identified by McKinsey Global Institute: Shale Energy, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Talent.

Learn about the industries taking Ohio further into the future.



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The SiteOhio seal indicates a site is ready for immediate development day one, guaranteeing that all utilities are on site with adequate capacities and that due diligence studies have been completed. The SiteOhio seal also ensures the site is free of incompatible uses, with no limitations or insurance liability based on surrounding property.


Investment Resources Create Opportunity

Ohio's competitive and profitable business climate makes it easier for companies to form, relocate or expand in the state. Ohio may offer performance-based incentives to assist companies that are locating or expanding operations. Funding decisions are based on a number of project factors, including but not limited to job creation, additional payroll, fixed-asset investment commitment, project return on investment and project location.

Ohio Job Incentives

Case Studies of Business Investments in Ohio

JobsOhio meets with companies around the world about opportunities to locate and grow their business in Ohio. Thanks to the hard work of our Regional Network partners, local economic development teams and our experienced staff, in five short years, we’ve worked with more than 1,500 companies that have launched new companies or expanded existing operations in Ohio. Those businesses are succeeding in Ohio, impacting countless families and communities along the way.