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Making the Right Choice When Investing in the U.S.

JobsOhio is a one-stop shop for companies during their search

Lee Crume, director of global business development, JobsOhioFri Jul 06 2018
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Making a new investment is no small undertaking, especially in a new country. Investing in the United States is complex as there are 50 states with different laws, tax codes, industries, infrastructures, cultures and climates that can be difficult to understand and compare. When multiple states, several regions and an even greater number of local communities compete for your investment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.


And while there’s no perfect solution, there is a best solution for you. What you need is a guide to assist you through the site location process, one that ensures your needs are genuinely heard and helps you make the right choice – even if the right choice isn’t in our state, region or community. This is JobsOhio.

JobsOhio takes a client-centered approach to serving international businesses, from mid-market companies to multinational corporations, that simplifies your decision-making process. Throughout the entire investment process, JobsOhio partners with companies like yours to ensure a positive experience. Our expertise and client-first approach turn the overwhelming into the possible.

JobsOhio and our six regional partners build relationships with companies during the site location and investment process. We get to know you, your company, your culture and your specific business needs. Our experts help you identify the assets that establish Ohio as the right location for your business. We connect you with local organizations, entities and resources that directly manage the community you will call home. We strive to become your trusted advisors for your weighty decisions.

But what we do doesn’t stop there. This network of state, regional and local organizations is available as a resource to you as you grow. If you are considering expanding, for example, we can help you with either expanding a current location or finding a new one. Our partnership with you is long term.

JobsOhio is a one-stop shop for your business expansion and investment needs. If you’re interested in working with other Ohio companies, institutions and organizations, we will connect you to them. Whether you’re looking to develop a relationship with a local university, launch an R&D initiative or inquire about other services from other Ohio entities, we make the introduction and work with to facilitate the goal you have in mind.

Peer Insight

Our in-house team of industry experts oversees investment projects in JobsOhio’s nine targeted industries. As former business executives in their respective industries, they understand corporate decision-making, are steeped in industry knowledge and remain well-connected to industry-specific resources throughout Ohio.

Investment Programs and Services for You

JobsOhio and our partners and colleagues in Ohio collaborate on programs and services that address your needs. As a company considers Ohio, JobsOhio strengthens the relationship by:

  • offering site selection assistance.
  • helping with talent acquisition.
  • navigating taxes and regulations.
  • finding trusted service providers such as attorneys, bankers and accountants.
  • making introductions to potential resources, including trade associations, workforce development programs and nearby universities.

Funding to Help Make the Jump

JobsOhio offers performance-based incentives like loans and grants for companies that are relocating or expanding operations in Ohio. Driven by the needs of the clients, loans and grants are available for different purposes, from R&D centers and workforce training to site and infrastructure improvements.

Because JobsOhio has a private source of funding, it has the flexibility to offer grants and loans customized to fit a company’s needs. JobsOhio can offer grants to train workers and to offset the costs of capital investments. In terms of financing, it provides capital to companies that have limited access to capital in private markets and supplements projects financed by other lenders when a funding gap exists. It can also offer funding at different stages of a project or when specific milestones are met.

Getting Started

When an international company reaches out to JobsOhio, our worldwide sales team engages with your company, ensuring that time zones, distance and language don’t inhibit the ability communicate with potential customers in other countries. With JobsOhio’s help, the message that Ohio is a great place to do business reaches the worldwide market 24 hours a day.

FDI in Ohio

More than 3,700 foreign establishments from 49 countries have investments in Ohio. Continued visits from foreign business federations like Keidanren reinforce that Ohio is valuable to international investments because of client-first business practices.

Above all else, know that JobsOhio and our partners will help support you throughout your investment. We are your one-stop shop for investing in Ohio. Our end goal is not the transaction, but the relationship. If Ohio is not the best choice for you, we will tell you. We want you to succeed and hope you’ll look to Ohio again for an expansion in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ohio or would like to talk, let’s get the conversation started.

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