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Food and Agribusiness

Ohio’s Farming Legacy

For hundreds of years, farmers have helped put Ohio on the map. Our agriculture output has created jobs and generated demand for sound infrastructure for generations. However, just as technology has advanced industries like manufacturing and healthcare it has revolutionized farming in Ohio. With advancements like autonomous equipment, robotics, and vertical farming, see how Ohio’s farming community is preparing for the future.

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Quality and Freshness from Farm to Table

Abundant natural resources and a comprehensive supply chain guarantee better foods and beverages that consumers want. The quality of food products is a priority for health-conscious consumers seeking the freshest, healthiest options. Ohio has a wide range of food industry resources to keep up with this demand. Whether you need farms or manufacturing, cold storage facilities or grocery giants, Ohio’s food industry is among the best in the United States.

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Agribusiness in Ohio:

Ohio eggs
State for egg production (by units)
State for tomato production
Food research lab photo
Largest hub for flavoring and seasoning research in the U.S. in Cincinnati, Ohio

Food and agribusiness is one of the largest industries in Ohio, boasting hundreds of companies that cultivate, process, package, distribute and market food and drinks enjoyed by consumers around the world. The proximity to and relationships with industry and academic partners result in faster, more affordable access to every part of the value chain.


Food and agribusinesses in Ohio can:

  • Access a complete ground-to-consumer value chain. Ohio’s farmlands produce soybeans, corn, dairy, wheat, eggs, and hogs. From there, companies can connect with the state’s food manufacturers, packagers, distributors, retailers, and customers.
  • Partner with and/or learn from corporate leaders in the food and agribusiness industry, including The Ohio State University Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center and the Center for Innovative Food Technology, as well as resources in Cincinnati, the second largest hub for flavoring research in the U.S. Organizations like the Ohio Farm Bureau are also available for support.
  • Leverage assets that make doing business more affordable, such as low-cost natural gas, a deregulated power market, and open partnerships with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Four new controlled environment facilities

for organic, year-round production of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce

Global R&D centers

for pet food, beverages, frozen food, coffee, and more

Industry leaders

like Kroger, Smucker’s, Dannon, Nestlé, and Campbell’s have operations in Ohio

Ohio Offers Strategic Location for Pet Food Makers

Many top pet food manufacturers including Nestle and Royal Canin have recently located new facilities in Ohio to keep up with the growing demand for pet food. Ohio’s central location and multiple transportation options offer efficient, cost-effective ways to obtain raw materials, produce goods, and deliver pet food to the market.

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Industry leaders with headquarters in Ohio:


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