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Gene Therapy

The Cures of Tomorrow Start in Ohio

Anchored by the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University, the state of Ohio has become fertile ground for the rapidly evolving gene therapy industry. World-class researchers, high-tech facilities, and a growing investor base fuel an ecosystem that is creating startups, attracting entrepreneurs and international investment, and commercializing the cures of the future.

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“We believe with the work that Nationwide Children’s Hospital has already done, coupled with our commitment, there is a real chance Columbus, could become the most important place in the world for gene therapy development.”
Doug Ingram
President and CEO, Sarepta

Home to Leaders in Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy News in Ohio
“Nationwide Children’s Hospital has strategically developed a fully integrated, early-stage gene therapy R&D capability, and, as a result, is truly differentiated in the emerging gene therapy sector. NCH is making a positive impact in the lives of patients worldwide.”
Michael Triplett, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Myonexus

Sarepta Therapeutics Chooses Ohio

Sarepta Therapeutics chose to establish a Gene Therapy Center of Excellence in Ohio. This investment further cements Ohio’s place as a leader in gene therapy innovation.

A man working in a Sarepta lab coat and goggles

Consider the following aspects of Ohio’s growing gene therapy ecosystem:

  • Nearly $10 billion of investment in gene therapy startups spinning out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital since 2018
  • Ohio is tied for 4th among states in number of identified gene therapy startups and companies.
  • Its hospitals have some of the most advanced research and development facilities in the nation and attract top researchers from around the world.
  • The ecosystem attracts established companies from across the country. Sarepta and Abeona Therapeutics are investing in Ohio; Novartis and Amicus acquired companies created in Ohio.
  • The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the top 10 National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded freestanding pediatric research facilities in the U.S.
  • Academic research partnerships with large organizations such as Nationwide Children’s and The Ohio State University or Cincinnati Children’s and the University of Cincinnati. These relationships build the talent pipeline in Ohio to support the state’s growing gene therapy sector.
  • A maturing research infrastructure in gene therapy developed over two decades that includes the nationally-renowned Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Institute has vertically integrated early stage gene therapy R&D capability.
  • A relatively low cost of living and high quality of life.

Ohio’s Healthcare Mission

Researchers, entrepreneurs, and care professionals are triggering breakthroughs that enhance quality of life for patients worldwide.

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