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Logistics and Distribution

A Connected, Accessible and Smart Infrastructure to Reach Markets Everywhere

A central location close to customers, a thriving tech environment and a comprehensive statewide transportation infrastructure all make Ohio the best place for logistics and distribution companies to excel in a highly digital age.

Ohio is built for modern logistics and distribution. Ohio’s multimodal infrastructure and prime geographic location guarantee that companies can reach a significant amount of U.S. and Canadian customers –60 percent are within a day’s drive –as well as customers around the world.

Ohio offers:

Flexibility and predictably. Ohio has a large multimodal infrastructure, making it easy to reach customers in a fast and affordable way. Nine foreign trade zones located across the state offer reduced or nonexistent customs fees as well as relief from inverted tariffs and duty exemption on re-exports.

The power of choice. The four largest delivery companies in the U.S. (UPS, DHL, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service) provide more outbound parcel services from Ohio than from any other state in the Midwest. This means businesses have negotiation power when choosing a shipper.

Next-generation (smart) logistics capabilities. Get ahead with logistics 4.0 resources as Ohio is home to smart mobility research and initiatives like truck platooning, connected vehicles, unmanned aircraft systems and more. Moreover, several cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, are located in Ohio.

A skilled and growing talent pipeline. More than 25 institutions of higher education in Ohio offer nationally ranked programs in supply chain management and logistics. From 2010 to 2017, there was a 137 percent increase in the number of degrees granted annually for supply chain management, resulting in a large, well-trained logistics and distribution workforce in Ohio.

With the rise of e-commerce, speed and accessibility are crucial, and that’s why companies such as Macy’s, Amazon, Home Depot, Crocs, Gap, zulily and Dollar Tree have invested in Ohio. Getting from point A to point B is easy when point A of your logistics and distribution operations is Ohio.

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Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
Managing Director

BBI Logistics Expands, Plans to Nearly Quadruple Its Workforce in Ohio

Ohio’s geographical location and infrastructure prove critical to logistics operations
September 28, 2020

Founded in Columbus in 2017, BBI Logistics helps customers find the most cost-effective and reliable carrier, while also maximizing load potential for carriers. BBI Logistics must seamlessly serve its current and growing customers while continuing to scale. Ohio’s central location and infrastructure are among the best in the U.S. and are competitive advantages for BBI Logistics.

Carvana Invests in Ohio for Proximity to Multiple Markets

The pioneer of car “vending machines” will be build an inspection, reconditioning and distribution facility in Northeast Ohio
August 31, 2020

Founded in 2012, Carvana is known for disrupting the traditional dealership experience with its convenient online car buying and financing platform. As the company grows in popularity, it needs to increase its reach. That’s why it turned to Elyria, Ohio to be close to more customers in nearby markets.

E-Commerce Boom Happening in Ohio

E-Commerce Boom Happening in Ohio

Retailers rely on Ohio’s location, infrastructure and high-tech chops to build distribution and fulfillment centers.
Milind Paranjape, director of technology, logistics and distribution
July 23, 2019

Changing dynamics in e-commerce are requiring retailers to invest in fulfillment centers that offer customized services that are fast, flexible and dependable.

Crocs, Inc.

Crocs, Inc.

Crocs is one of the world’s most iconic shoe brands. Growth presented an opportunity for Crocs to better serve customers, so the company decided to relocate a major distribution center from California to Ohio. Crocs anticipates the Ohio location will be beneficial for the long term and looks ahead to its future in the state.

With 210% Revenue Increase, Zipline Logistics Expands in Ohio for “Purposeful Growth”

State’s leading logistics industry helps the Ohio-based company serve its global customer base
December 20, 2019

Zipline Logistics serves some of the world’s top retailers and food and beverage brands with digitally enabled transportations services. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, the company is growing quickly and needs a larger facility to continue serving its clients worldwide.

Kroger and Ocado Break Ground in Ohio on U.S.’s First-Ever Robotic Warehouse

Kroger and Ocado Break Ground in Ohio on U.S.’s First-Ever Robotic Warehouse

$55 million high-tech facility will create over 400 jobs
July 19, 2019

Online shopping is on the rise and expected to grow exponentially within the next few years. Grocery leader Kroger and U.K.-based Ocado are partnering on a U.S. first-of-its-kind robotics warehouse that will bring customers fresher food faster than before while providing seamless customer service anywhere, anytime.

LA-Based Integra Beauty Invests $4 Million in Ohio Distribution Center

The facility will be the company’s first outside of California
July 1, 2019

Integra Beauty, a growing beauty, fashion and lifestyle company, looked to better serve its east coast customers by investing in a distribution center outside of California. Integra Beauty chose central Ohio for its easy market access and skilled workforce.

Crocs Brings Major Distribution Center to Ohio, Creates 130+ Jobs

Infrastructure and proximity to customers influence relocation from California to the Midwest
March 25, 2019

One of the biggest names in footwear is moving its main North American distribution center from California to Ohio. The move will enhance Crocs’ distribution and logistics network to further streamline its supply chain and increase its speed to market.

Gap Will Add 600 Jobs and Almost Double Its Output in Central Ohio

Spikes in online sales drive Gap to expand, install state-of-the-art equipment
February 25, 2019

E-commerce across the U.S. is expected to grow, and Gap is already seeing the rise in online sales. The company needed to increase output and add state-of-the-art equipment at its Ohio distribution center to keep up with projections. An investment in central Ohio, with its access to workforce, proximity to markets and comprehensive shipping network, will almost double the company’s daily output.

Ohio’s Advantage. Your Opportunity.

Midwestern states are a popular choice for logistics and distribution investment because of their location. Positioned nicely between the East and West Coasts, they offer easy accessibility to highly populated areas. However, only Ohio offers the highest and most diverse concentration of major shipping hubs in the region. This competitive shipping landscape means you can get your products where they need to go - faster. Ohio's advantage is your strategic opportunity as demonstrated by the map below.