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JobsOhio Logo Licensing

The Importance of Our Logo to Our Brand

Our Logo

The JobsOhio brand and visual assets represent the organization across media channels, digital platforms and beyond. Consistency is crucial to maintain brand identity and avoid any possible confusion or misrepresentation. Adhering to the Brand Standards Guide will ensure that our logo is recognizable to all audiences.


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Our Masterbrand Identity

JobsOhio logo with tagliine

JobsOhio Two Color logo w/Tagline (Primary)

JobsOhio One Color logo with tagline

JobsOhio One Color logo w/Tagline (Secondary)

JobsOhio Two Color logo (Primary)

JobsOhio Two Color logo (Primary)

JobsOhio One Color (Secondary)

JobsOhio One Color logo (Secondary)

Clear Zone

To create an appropriate buffer around the logo, draw an imaginary box around the mark. Then using this guide as reference, create an imaginary square equal to the width of the character stroke and use it to create a buffer on all 4 sides of the mark.

No complex imagery or graphic should intrude on this space. This will allow the JobsOhio brand to maintain its integrity and legibility in any application.

JobsOhio logo padding graphic

Parent Brand Identity

The Parent Brand Identity features the state image along with Ohio text in the center. With its bold red and white colors, the Parent Brand Identity promotes brand awareness and provides a recognizable link to the state we represent and support.

Use the Parent Brand Identity in instances to showcase “Ohio as a brand” to external audiences that may not already be familiar with JobsOhio.

Ohio Parent Brand White Background

White Background

Ohio Parent Brand Logo Red Background

Red Background

Logo Misuses

Here are a few examples of what to avoid in representing the JobsOhio brand identity. Take care to maintain consistency and avoid altering the logos in any way, including stretching, rotation, color alteration, gradients, shadows and more. Use the JobsOhio identity only as specified in the Brand Standards Guide.

Logo Misuses
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