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Gabriel Brothers Plans New Distribution Facility in Ohio

Gabe’s establishes its largest distribution center at PrimeOhio II Industrial Park, a SiteOhio Authenticated location

Mon Oct 04 2021

Company Name: Gabriel Brothers, Inc.
Location: Springfield
Industry Sector: Logistics and Distribution
Company Profile: Company is a discount department store chain with over 116 stores that offers brand name fashions and footwear, home décor, kitchen tools, work gear, pet supplies and other consumer goods.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 833
  • Types of Jobs:Full-time and part-time jobs include material handlers, packers, sorters, equipment operators, truck drivers, counters, administrators, supervisors, managers, and more.

Capital Investment: $35,850,000

Timetable: Construction at the 114-acre site will begin mid-October 2021 and hiring will commence in the fall of 2022. The facility is expected to open for full operation in February 2023.

Company Need:

Gabriel Brother’s Inc, or Gabe’s, sought to increase its distribution operations to receive, process, and ship millions of units of merchandise.

“Gabe’s is thrilled to join the incredible Springfield community. It is our commitment to build a state-of-the-art facility and run a top-tier operation that will contribute positively on behalf of all Ohioans.”
Jason Wolter
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Gabe’s

Why Ohio?

Gabe’s will establish a new distribution center in Springfield, Ohio, at PrimeOhio II Industrial Park, a SiteOhio Authenticated Site.

CNBC named Ohio among the top 10 best states for business because of its infrastructure and logistics capabilities. The Tax Foundation also ranked Ohio No. 1 in distribution center corporate tax costs. With a central geographic location close to customers and a multimodal statewide infrastructure, Ohio makes reliable, efficient shipping possible.

Ohio has the fourth largest interstate highway system in the nation, and 60% of United States and Canadian customers are within a day’s drive, which makes Ohio ideal for road transport.

Measuring over 850,000 square feet, it will be Gabe’s largest distribution center.

CLICK HERE to read the full release.


JobsOhio, the Dayton Development Coalition, the Economic Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership, the city of Springfield, and the Ohio Department of Development

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