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Hillman Group Invests in New Customer Support Center

Cincinnati-based Hillman Solutions is opening a new 43,000 square foot customer support facility and expanding its Hamilton facility distribution center. The new building and expansion include the addition of 60 new jobs.

Tue May 24 2022
inside Hillman headquarters

Company Name: The Hillman Group, Inc.

Location: Forest Park

Site Region: Southwest

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Profile: Hillman was founded as a fastener company and has branched out into a diverse entity, serving the consumers’ everyday needs with common products for commercial and residential uses and offering service and merchandising aids.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 60
  • Jobs retained: 210
  • Types of jobs: sales, administrative, and support functions

Capital Investment: $3,800,000

Company Need:

Hillman is planning the expansion of its current operations by adding a manufacturing line at its existing site in Cincinnati. To accommodate this, Hillman would need to reconfigure a portion of its facility in Cincinnati and relocate certain corporate positions from that location into a new location in the City of Forrest Park. In doing so, Hillman would retain 210 existing jobs and create 60 new jobs while investing $3.8 million in building renovations.


“The new Customer Support Center will allow us to work better together in a unified office setting that will allow us to continue to focus on what’s right for our employees, customers, and shareholders by building a culture of trust, collaboration, respect, and inclusion.”
Doug Cahill
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer / Hillman Solutions

Why Ohio?

Hillman Solutions has been in Cincinnati since 1964. The talent, location, and cost of doing business in Ohio are part of the company's foundation.


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