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North Carolina Composites Manufacturer to Open New Production Facility in Miami Township

Textum’s $4.7 Million Investment to Manufacture Aerospace and Aviation Thermal Protection Systems

Tue Jun 07 2022

Company Name: Textum OPCO, LLC

Location: Miami Township

Site Region: Western

Country of Origin: USA

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Profile: Textum specializes in developing and manufacturing unique products that have a high barrier to entry, are protected by patent or exclusive license, or have innovative or novel process requirements. The company often operates under exclusive relationships with suppliers and customers to protect the customer’s intellectual properties and proprietary programs. By combining unique aspects of Textum’s textile reinforcements with commercially proven composite manufacturing methods, the new expansion will offer several unique advantages to Aerospace and Defense communities.

Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 22
  • Jobs retained: 3

Capital Investment: $4,722,000

Company Need:

Textum is expanding its product offering to include carbon composites and carbon-carbon composites derived from its well-established product line of woven broad goods, including 2D, 2.5D, 3D and 4D preforms.


“There is a clear need for the nation to increase its production capacity for high-temperature composite materials in support of hypersonic systems development and commercial space exploration efforts. Our headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, but proximity to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, access to a strong technical workforce, and existing relationships with a strong network of partners in the region, makes Dayton an excellent choice to establish this brand new carbon-carbon manufacturing facility, and we’re excited to bring this very high-value technology to the region.”

– Mike Rauscher, Vice President of Textum

Why Ohio?

Textum chose the Dayton Region because it is home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, a highly-capable workforce, and strong existing strategic partnerships.


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