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STAR Turbine Expands in Marion, Creating 19 New Jobs

Leader in high-precision manufacturing of high-capacity steam and gas turbines, investing more than $1 million in machinery

Wed Oct 12 2022

Company Name: Star Turbine, Inc.

Location: Marion

Site Region: Central

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Profile: Star Turbine, Inc. operates as a turbine manufacturing company. The Company specializes in manufacturing and installing custom turbine seals. Steam Turbine Alternative Resources serves clients in the United States.

Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 19
  • Jobs retained: 45
  • Types of jobs: machine shop staff, installation crew engineers and back-office support
  • Hiring will begin before the end of 2022.

Capital Investment: $1,000,000

Company Need:

STAR Turbine’s expansion of the overall business is necessary to meet high demand. The project will include new employees, moving into a larger office and manufacturing space, and purchasing additional machinery.


“Our new location will lead to increased productivity, which will lead to even more anticipated growth. Our STAR team has enthusiastically transformed the new Fairground Street building into a workplace they can be proud of. This expansion will greatly benefit our STAR Team, the local Marion community and our stakeholders. I am delighted to be spearheading this new vision for STAR Turbine here in Marion.”

– Colleen Cordova, President and CEO of STAR Turbine

Why Ohio?

The Columbus Region represents the future of manufacturing. The Region boasts a diverse manufacturing operation that spans industries from automotive and electronics to machinery, materials, aerospace, and consumer goods. Some of the world’s largest brands manufacture products in the Columbus Region, including Honda, Boeing, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Whirlpool, and Abbott. The Region is home to over 1,700 manufacturing establishments with nearly 90,000 employees, resulting in more than $15 billion in annual economic output.

Ohio’s manufacturing sector employs more than 600,000 skilled individuals, the third-largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S. This surplus means there are more dedicated, well-trained workers in Ohio to support growth. More than 50 campuses graduate over 13,000 engineers & engineering technicians annually.


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