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Toyoda Gosei Establishes Technical Center in Central Ohio

Changes in automotive industry open doors for U.S. investment

Tue Jul 02 2019

Company Name: Toyoda Gosei North America Corp.
Location: Dublin
Industry Sector: Automotive
Company Profile: Established in 1949 and headquartered in Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Toyoda Gosei is a leading specialty manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive parts. Today, Toyoda Gosei provides a variety of high-quality products internationally, with a network of approximately 100 plants and offices in 17 countries and regions. Through its flexible, integrated global supply system and leading-edge technologies, Toyoda Gosei aims to grow as a global company that performs with flexibility and swiftness. In today’s dramatically changing business environment, the company delivers the highest levels of satisfaction to customers worldwide through safety, comfort, well-being and the environment.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New location

Number of Jobs:

  • Jobs committed: 14
  • Types of jobs: Engineering, technical, sales and administrative positions

Company Need:

Rapid changes in the automotive industry are driving new opportunities in the U.S. for Toyoda Gosei, a leading global manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive parts. The company expand its business to respond rapidly to the development and production of the needs of U.S. automakers, a major market for the company. Toyoda’s wanted to bring new technology and capabilities to the market and be closer to its customers.

Why Ohio?

Toyoda Gosei will establish a new technical center in Dublin focused on engineering and R&D work. The company will expand its engineering and design capabilities for interior and exterior parts, as well as safety systems products. The new office allows the company to form stronger relationships with key customers, including Honda R&D Americas, and innovation resources in central Ohio.

Ohio is a “living lab” for smart mobility, meaning that R&D and testing around autonomous and connected vehicles and related technology are currently underway in facilities and on roadways across the state. No other state can claim the diverse and comprehensive collection of physical assets, research partners, controlled and open-road test facilities, smart city initiatives and funding opportunities that make Ohio the best place to design, test and deploy everything related to smart mobility.


"Having a presence in the Columbus region will allow us to bring new technology and capabilities to the market and be closer to our key customers. The rapid changes in the automotive and vehicle industries are driving new opportunities for us in the United States, and the timing is right for us to invest in new operations in the Columbus region."

- Yoshiyuki Fujita, president, Toyoda Gosei North America Corp.


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