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VARGO® Expands Collaborative, Tech Savy Operations in Ohio

Ohio’s strong history of innovation around technology and logistics are key to the company’s ongoing growth

Mon Oct 04 2021

Company Name: VARGO®
Location: Dublin
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile: VARGO® is a material handling solutions company, powered by a team of fulfillment and distribution center specialists with expertise in warehouse execution systems, integration and material handling equipment. VARGO®’s real-time solutions continue to solve complex distribution challenges for its customers. In fact, VARGO® is the only company that offers COFE® (Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine), which was the first and remains the most advanced Warehouse Execution System. For more than five decades, VARGO® has been working with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and e-commerce distributors to improve material handling operations and maximize resource utilization.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 24
  • Jobs retained: 50
  • Types of jobs: Software, engineering, logistics and business analysts, and more.

Capital Investment: $4,000,000

Company Need:

Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as digitization takes hold and customer expectations evolve.  As a result, the demand for distribution solutions is rising. VARGO® is preparing to meet forecasted demand for its technology solutions by expanding its key operations into a collaborative, tech-savvy office environment.

“Since establishing operations in the Columbus region 50 years ago, VARGO® has found ongoing success in part because of the Columbus market’s long-time strength in the technology and logistics sectors. VARGO® will continue to tap into the Region’s strong history of innovation in those sectors as we scale our operations even further.”
Bart Cera
President and COO, VARGO®

Why Ohio?

When determining where to expand, VARGO® evaluated consolidating its presence to Austin, TX, but decided to do so in Central Ohio to combine its headquarters operation with its tech center. The Columbus Region has a strong presence in technology and logistics, VARGO®’s two biggest drivers. But the region’s innovation resources are what the company needs to stay competitive.

Ohio is on the rise as a tech hub in the United States. Tech is one of Ohio’s fastest growing industries. From healthtech to the internet of things (IoT), smart mobility and beyond, companies adopting new technologies are seeing success in Ohio. One of Ohio’s greatest strengths is its culture of research and innovation. Companies in Ohio collaborate with each other, as well as education institutions and public-private entities, to open joint innovation centers, spinoff new ventures and  pursue innovations.

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