Ohio-Based Bold Penguin Expands HQ and Triples its Workforce

High growth insurtech company will add 162 employees to support the digital development and acceleration of its products, services, and customer support capabilities.
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Company Name: Bold Penguin, Inc.
Location: Columbus
Industry Sector: Financial Services
Company Profile: Founded in 2016, Bold Penguin’s commercial insurance exchange platform simplifies the insurance process by allowing carriers, agencies, brokers and other parties to find small businesses insurance through one application process. Last year, the Bold Penguin Exchange resulted in over one million quote starts as digital adoption accelerated in the insurance industry.
Company Website: www.boldpenguin.com

Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: Expansion
  • Jobs: 
    • Jobs committed: 162
    • Jobs retained: 78
    • Types of jobs: Positions include software development, data science, and customer service positions.

Company Need:

Bold Penguin sought to increase its market share and innovate the insurance space by investing in the digital development and acceleration of its products, services, and customer support capabilities. The cost and availability of talent are important factors in where the company will grow its footprint.


“For a fast-growing technology company like Bold Penguin, Columbus provides both top talent as well as a forward-thinking innovation ecosystem to support our long-term growth strategy. Since our inception here five years ago, the Columbus Region has allowed us to reach more customers nationwide as we continue to streamline the process to quote and bind small business insurance.”
– Dan Gifford, chief financial officer, Bold Penguin


Why Ohio?

Bold Penguin plans to grow its workforce in Columbus where the talent is abundant and affordable.

Ohio is a hub for insurtech innovation and it starts with the state’s leadership in insurance and financial services. Ohio ranks No. 4 in the U.S. in number of insurance headquarters and No. 3 for bank headquarters. Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are top cities for millennial talent with many nationally recognized universities supplying a pipeline of qualified talent that costs 11.5% less than national average.

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