Site Inventory Program

The Ohio Site Inventory Program (OSIP) offers grants and low-interest loans to support speculative site and building development projects with no identified end user.

The primary goal of OSIP is to fill gaps in Ohio’s real estate inventory with real estate targeting near-term sector wins to ensure our state is more competitive for reactive site selection projects.

Program goals include:

  • Fill gaps in Ohio’s real estate inventory
  • Mitigate developer risks preventing development
  • Accelerate the process of bringing in-demand projects and sites online

JobsOhio seeks a diverse portfolio of inventory types and locations such as:

  • Both sites and buildings
  • Small, medium and large projects
  • Office or R&D, as well as manufacturing, warehousing and distribution
  • Urban, suburban and rural locations
  • Developed real estate that aligns with one of JobsOhio’s targeted industry sectors

Other Key OSIP Components:

  • A lead development entity (i.e., community, port authority, private developer, etc.) should be identified
  • Loans will typically support new construction
  • Grants will typically support costs associated with demolition, environmental remediation, building renovations, site preparation and infrastructure improvements


Diana Rife
Diana Rife
Director, Sites
Terry Slaybaugh
Terry Slaybaugh
VP, Sites and Infrastructure
Economic Development Infrastructure

Projects will be evaluated based on the following guiding principles:


  • A clearly identified lead development entity
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) must be completed
  • Phase II ESA must be completed if the Phase I recommends as such
  • Program is reimbursement based

Strongly Preferred:

  • Diverse statewide portfolio
  • Experienced development partner
  • 30+ acres for site development (no proposed building)
  • New building construction is typically supported by a loan


  • Projects anticipated to result in near-term job creation
  • Brownfield redevelopment projects
  • Projects that fill inventory gaps within JobsOhio targeted industry sectors

Program funding comes from a combination of grants and loans to be used as a development accelerator that fills current funding gaps.

Ohio Site Inventory Program Pre-Vet Form

Prior to developing a proposal, JobsOhio recommends you complete and submit its OSIP pre-vet form. After submitting, the JobsOhio team will be in touch with you about your project.

Not sure if you qualify? For complete details on OSIP, please review the program guidelines here. Details on the criteria – to be used by JobsOhio when evaluating projects – can be found here with an example proposal available for reference here.

If you have an opportunity you believe fills an inventory gap that has not been pre-identified in this document, please complete the pre-vet form so we may assess if OSIP may still be a fit for your project.