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Broadband Access

Expanding high-speed internet access for all Ohioans

One of the most prevalent lessons learned during the pandemic is that access to broadband is absolutely essential. Even before COVID-19, the DeWine Administration recognized the need for broadband access in Ohio’s underrepresented communities to ensure equitable education, economic opportunity, and access to advanced digital services, such as telehealth.

JobsOhio has been working in alignment with the Administration to significantly expand broadband coverage throughout the state.


“Too many Ohioans have unreliable broadband, or no connection at all, and Governor DeWine and I are committed to finding solutions to this challenge.”
Jon Husted
Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
An Economic Development Imperative

Near-universal broadband coverage in Ohio would boost the economy.

Households in Ohio without high-speed internet
Jobs created in Ohio
Increase in Ohio’s GDP

JobsOhio Supports High-Speed Internet Expansion

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Ohio Prioritizes Investing in High-Speed Internet Access

Broadband access is an essential element to ensure Ohio remains competitive and that our economic recovery is sustainable. Most importantly, it’s what Ohioans deserve.

JobsOhio is determined to explore creative ways to help Ohio businesses and Ohioans connect digitally to fully participate in the growth of the information economy.

Working with the DeWine-Husted Administration and partners like InnovateOhio, strides are being made to bring Ohioans reliable, fast internet access. In December 2020, Starlink, a satellite broadband service developed by SpaceX, launched a pilot in central Ohio. The pilot will test the delivery of Starlink’s space-based high-speed internet to 90 households and about 10 small businesses underserved by broadband.

Numerous companies are also evaluating ways to close the “digital divide” through new investment, innovation, and cost-competitive solutions for customers.

These providers can offer different solutions to help close this divide. Such efforts are complemented by major federal investments through programs such as the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (which recently awarded $170 million to 11 winning bidders in Ohio over the next ten years).

What is broadband?

High-speed internet access that is readily available and faster than traditional dial-up access.

How is broadband made available?

Via a digital subscriber line, cable modem, fiber optics, wireless, or satellite.

Limited providers.

Almost one million Ohioans can only access high-speed internet through a single wired provider.

Starlink Service bySpaceX

Understanding the challenges and opportunities that are before our state, the DeWine Administration, JobsOhio, BroadbandOhio, and the city of Marysville have partnered on a broadband satellite pilot program through SpaceX called Starlink.

Broadband Access Program


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