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Ohio Provides Logistical Access for Your Business

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An Ideal, Easily Accessible Location

Ohio is a well-established base for companies moving goods around the globe and is easily accessible to much of the U.S. and Canada; in fact, it’s just a one-day drive from 60% of the two countries’ populations. Major cities, including Chicago, New York City, and Toronto, are easily accessible via air, rail, and road. Among the nation’s leaders for trucking and storing goods, Ohio’s north coast on Lake Erie includes a powerful and convenient shipping service linking the Industrial Midwest, the Port of Toledo, and the Great Lakes to Europe.

Major cities in Ohio with populations over 275,000 include Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo. Only California and Texas have more cities of this size. Other metropolitan areas with populations over 50,000 include Dayton, Akron, and Youngstown.

If your business is looking for relocation or expansion opportunities, the JobsOhio team can help connect you to the resources, real estate, and workforce to help your business succeed. Take advantage of the logistical infrastructure that Ohio has to offer and take your business to the next level.

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An Ohio location can reduce supply chain disruptions and support business growth.

The pandemic has exposed America’s overreliance on foreign nations for critical goods. Lack of manufacturing capacity, broken supply chains, and ineffective stockpiles have led to critical goods shortages when supplies were most needed.

In times when supply chain disruptions can have global implications, companies may be seeking to reshore operations and find a suitable location that provides an open, secure, and cost-effective home for their supply chain.

Ohio’s Location Can Be Your Opportunity
Ohio is just a one-day drive from 60% of U.S. and Canadian populations

Success Across the State

Location Plays a Major Role

Northeast Ohio has been our home for nearly 50 years, and there is a lot going on in Cleveland’s tech industry. We’ve got this innovative hub with a Midwestern vibe.
John Ensign
President and Chief Legal Officer, MRI Software
The relocation of our U.S. distribution center to Dayton positions Crocs to meet the high and growing demand for our footwear.
Andrew Rees
President and CEO, Crocs
We are thrilled with the decision to remain in Solon and continue our partnership with the city that has been instrumental in our company’s growth.
Arthur F. Anton
Chairman and CEO, Swagelok

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Well-known brands call Ohio home.
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Ohio’s workforce is educated, committed, skilled, and productive.

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