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Relocation Guide

Here’s what you need to know when moving to Ohio.

Coming to Ohio? That’s a Great Move!

Considering a move to the Buckeye State?

Hear from others who have relocated to Ohio.

I've only lived in Columbus for about three years. And there's almost too much to do. There's just so much to explore: there's galleries, there's theaters, and I don't think I've even scratched the surface of it.
Kelsey P.
Client Success Associate
I think for me, what made Ohio special is the fact that it's very welcoming to veterans. One of the things that Ohio allowed me to do was establish residency like right out of the military. There was no wait period.
Charles G.
Software Developer
The opportunities for home ownership here are fantastic. You know when you compare it to home prices that exist in places like San Francisco or New York, it's pretty incredible to be able to have that sense of stability immediately.
Rich H.
Leader of Strategy & Architecture

Relocation Guide – FAQ

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Live In One of Ohio's 6 Unique Regions

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