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York Street Fresh Foods Plans to Invest in Ohio to Meet Demand for Ready-to-Eat Food

Joint venture combines benefits of location advantages, business climate and food expertise

Wed Jul 22 2020

Company Name: York Street Fresh Foods LLC
Location: Sharonville
Industry Sector: Food & Agribusiness
Company Profile: York Street Fresh Foods, a family-owned business, is a producer and distributor of premium, healthy, and convenient grab-and-go food solutions. The company is a joint venture between Caruso, Inc., an Ohio company, and New Jersey-based Lorenzo Food Group.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Joint venture


  • Jobs committed: 128
  • Jobs retained: 146
  • Types of jobs: A variety of positions, including production, quality assurance, and customer service roles

Capital Investment: $3,000,000

Company Need:

York Street Fresh Foods has seen an increased demand for safe and convenient food solutions over the last few months. In the face of COVID-19, consumers have fueled growing sales which led the company to identify the need for further investment in its ready-to-eat products.


“We are poised and ready to meet the surging demand for our premium ready-to-eat products with our new joint venture in the Cincinnati region. The combination of expertise from the Lorenzo Food Group in production, Caruso’s logistics strengths and the attractive local business climate point to a winning formula. We are appreciative of the support offered by JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati and the city of Sharonville to secure this project.” - David Caruso, general manager, York Street Fresh Foods

Why Ohio?

York Street Fresh Foods plans to invest in a new production facility that will be located in Sharonville, Ohio.

Food and agribusiness is the largest industry in Ohio, with hundreds of companies that cultivate, process, package, distribute and market food and beverages. Ohio’s food industry also benefits from the state’s food flavoring expertise. Many food flavoring companies are located in southwest Ohio. In fact, the Cincinnati region is known as the second largest food flavoring hub in the U.S.

York Street Fresh Foods will make ready-to-eat food products for colleges, hospitals, convenience stores, groceries, airports and more throughout the Midwest.

The project is supported by a JobsOhio Economic Development Grant and Job Creation Incentive Grant from the city of Sharonville.


REDI Cincinnati, the city of Cincinnati, and JobsOhio