Ohio Offers an Open and Secure Supply Chain Location

An Ohio location can reduce supply chain disruptions and support business growth.

Amid the ongoing crisis, the citizens, businesses and government in Ohio have proved resourceful in the ability to innovate and come together, and have demonstrated the state is a resilient and attractive location for investment. In times when supply chain disruptions can have global implications, companies may be seeking to reshore operations and find a suitable location that provides an open, secure and cost-effective home for their supply chain.

Ohio’s business environment attracts global investment and fosters growth, while the state’s simplified tax structure, central location and affordable cost of doing business are catalysts for economic diversification and prosperity.

With just a one-day drive from more than 60% of the U.S. and Canadian populations, Ohio is a well-established base for companies moving goods around the globe. The state’s manufacturing legacy and expertise, along with a diverse collection of growing industries like healthcare, fintech, packaging, and food production create a dynamic and highly trained workforce.

Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging

Ohio isn’t just good at manufacturing, it’s a manufacturing leader with a legacy of making products that have a global reputation. Generations of manufacturing expertise have created the Ohio of today, with the state today boasting:

  • A manufacturing workforce of over 700,000 — the third largest in the U.S.
  • 240,000+ workers in 3D printing occupations at 673 establishments.
  • No. 2 ranking in rubber output and No. 3 in plastics output, and No. 2 in the nation in raw steel production in 2019.

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Food and Agribusiness

Ohio’s proximity to customers and suppliers offers efficient and cost-effective ways to obtain raw materials, produce goods and deliver food to market. Ohio has 1,300+ food manufacturers and 25+ cold-storage facilities.

From advanced R&D in food flavoring to 14 million acres dedicated to agriculture, Ohio offers food companies what they need to thrive.

Food 80 Acres Farm


Ohio’s healthcare industry is attracting world-class researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. The state has 14 top-ranked healthcare systems in the country. Cutting-edge medical device and health-tech companies are emerging in Ohio, while international companies choose to expand in the state to develop and commercialize healthcare solutions.

Services and Incentives

JobsOhio and its extensive network across the state offer complementary support tailored to help fast-track company success. This includes site selection, detailed research and talent attraction services.

In addition, JobsOhio offers performance-based incentives, in the form of loans and grants, to assist companies that locate or expand their operations in the state.