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Abundant natural resources and a comprehensive supply chain guarantee better foods and beverages that consumers want.

The quality of food products is a priority for health-conscious consumers seeking the freshest, healthiest options. Ohio has a wide range of food industry resources to keep up with this demand. Whether you need farms or manufacturing, cold storage facilities or grocery giants, Ohio’s food industry is among the best in the United States.

In Ohio, you can:

  • Access a complete ground-to-consumer value chain. Ohio’s farmlands produce soybeans, corn, dairy, wheat, eggs, and hogs. From there, companies can connect with the state’s food manufacturers, packagers, distributors, retailers, and customers.
  • Partner with and/or learn from corporate leaders in the food and agribusiness industry, including The Ohio State University Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center and the Center for Innovative Food Technology, as well as resources in Cincinnati, the second largest hub for flavoring research in the U.S. Organizations like the Ohio Farm Bureau are also available for support.
  • Leverage assets that make doing business more affordable, such as low-cost natural gas, a deregulated power market, and open partnerships with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Four new controlled environment facilities for organic, year-round production of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce.

Global R&D centers for pet food, beverages, frozen food, coffee and more.

Companies like Kroger, Smucker’s, Dannon, Nestlé and Campbell’s call Ohio home.

Kroger, Bob Evans, Smucker’s, and Wendy’s are among the food leaders all headquartered in Ohio. Daisy, Dannon, Nestlé, and Campbell’s each have a large presence here as well. They choose Ohio because it promotes the growth and development of agribusiness and food and beverage companies.

Be a part of cultivating something big in Ohio.

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Tim Derickson
Tim Derickson
Senior Director

York Street Fresh Foods Plans to Invest in Ohio to Meet Demand for Ready-to-Eat Food

Joint venture combines benefits of location advantages, business climate and food expertise
July 22, 2020

York Street Fresh Foods LLC is a joint venture between Caruso, Inc., an Ohio company, and New Jersey-based Lorenzo Food Group. Following an increase in demand for ready-to-eat foods as a result of COVID-19, the company is looking to expand. York Street Fresh Foods plans to invest in a new production facility in Sharonville, Ohio.

Superior Dairy Incorporated Expands Dairy Product Line in Ohio

Company invests in manufacturing and packaging operations within the state’s leading dairy industry
July 8, 2020

Superior Dairy Incorporated, a thriving manufacturer of milk products, will expand in Ohio, where it has operated for 100 years. The expansion will support new processes, packaging and manufacturing operations to help the company grow their milk product lines. Ohio has a leading dairy industry that serves as the foundation for companies like Superior Dairy to thrive.

France-Based Cérélia Will Grow Within Ohio’s Strong Food Industry

The European leader in the production of ready-made doughs and baked goods will invest more than $29 million in its expansion
June 8, 2020

Cérélia, a leader in ready-to-bake and ready-to-heat goods is growing and expanding in central Ohio. Food and agribusiness is the largest industry in Ohio, boasting hundreds of companies that cultivate, process, package, distribute and market food and drinks enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Conagra Brands, Parent to Well-Known Food Brands, is Expanding in Ohio

Ohio’s workforce drives the success of the company behind many of America’s most beloved names in food
March 6, 2020

One of North America’s leading branded food companies, Conagra Brands (Healthy Choice®, Duncan Hines®, Marie Callender’s®, Slim Jim® and more) has announced plans to expand its northwest Ohio manufacturing facility. The company credits the plant’s current workforce as one of the key reasons for Conagra’s decision to expand.

Cargill Expansion in Sidney Helps Company, Farmers and Community

The company is investing approximately $225 million at its soybean crush and refined oils facility
October 21, 2019

Cargill’s current plant in Sidney serves as a vital link between soybean farmers in the region and consumers both nearby and around the globe. By expanding this plant, it will better serve area farmers and help the company meet growing demand for protein and refined oils.

Display of meat at grocery store

Phillips Meat Processing

Jul 18, 2019

Phillips Meat Processing has always been popular among people within 100 miles of its Zanesville, Ohio, location. But a recent partnership with Kroger, a new USDA certification and consumer preference for locally sourced food have driven a growing demand for the company’s products and the need for a half million dollar expansion.

The Top Three Factors Disrupting the Food Industry

The Top Three Factors Disrupting the Food Industry

These three trends are causing significant shifts in the Ohio and U.S. food industries
Joe Needham, Director, JobsOhio
May 29, 2019

Three trends are impacting disruptions in the food industry. Consolidations, technology and a lean toward healthier foods are among the factors that food companies should be paying attention to today to set goals and expectations for operations moving forward.

US Grain Map

From Farm to Consumer: Breaking Down Ohio’s Food Value Chain

An overview of Ohio’s food assets using numbers, charts and graphics
Joe Needham, Director, JobsOhio
May 15, 2019

One of the reasons that Ohio is a predominant state for food and agribusiness is that there is productive farmland, abundant fresh water and a complete value chain – grain, livestock, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Take an in-depth look at Ohio’s end-to-end food industry through graphics, numbers and facts.



Earlier this year, Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, spent $16.8 million to expand its Solon, Ohio campus. As part of the expansion, Nestlé relocated 300 jobs of its technical and production organization and all supply chain teams from California to the Solon campus, which now employs more than 2,000 employees.