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Keeping Our Nation's Space and Military Installations at the Forefront

Ohio is proud to be the home of military and federal installations contributing to the critical defense of our nation and its advancements in space.

Ohio’s federal and military installations are at the forefront of U.S. innovation, spanning the state from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton to NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Along with Battelle in Columbus, the national aerospace labs that forge the future of our lives in air and space work in Ohio. Whether it’s hypersonic technology or Advanced Air Mobility, Ohio features some of the most advanced aerospace installations in the country. Ohio, designated by the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Defense Manufacturing Community, is partnering with our Air Force research labs to lead the third revolution in flight.

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Ohio Military & Federal Factbook

Ohio is home to a leading military and federal ecosystem that contributes to the critical defense of our nation and its advancements in space. JobsOhio commissioned a statewide economic impact study of the Ohio defense-related industries to identify and promote the economic value of the state's defense-related assets. This study employs industry standard econometric forecasting models and publicly available spending data to provide direct, indirect, and induced economic impact estimates at the state and regional level.

Examples of Ohio’s innovative and critical work in military and federal installations include:

  • The Ohio Air National Guard, the nation’s second largest Air Guard, located in Toledo.
  • The Youngstown Air Reserve, the only unit in the DoD that performs aerial spray.
  • 50% of the United States Defense Budget goes through Defense Supply Center Columbus, Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Headquarters.
  • NASA Glenn Research Center serves a vital role in our continued exploration of the moon.
  • The 9th Coast Guard District headquartered in Cleveland has 6,000 service members and is responsible for all five of the Great Lakes and 1,500 miles of our border with Canada.

Business Facilities Rankings #7 Aerospace/Defense

Ohio recognizes the dedication and the sacrifice of service members and civil service employees in these missions and continues to seek opportunities to offer aid. In 2020, the state of Ohio enacted at least five laws to support military service members, veterans, and their families.

In addition to federal sector service members, these missions would not be possible without the leading-edge industrial work performed by over 3,260 Ohio military and defense contractors fulfilling more than 291,000 contracts. Ohio is home to both the largest jet engine producer in the world, GE Aviation, and the last heavy armor plant in the U.S., located in Lima. Ohio provides incredible incentives for industry partners in defense and civil space to continue to grow and entice out-of-state companies to relocate.

In Ohio:

  • The DoD, NASA, and other Federal entities can establish or relocate Federal missions here knowing service members who support them can advance their careers while enjoying Ohio’s military-friendly communities, arts and culture, entertainment, and more.
  • Companies can connect with the 90 military installations across the state focusing on hundreds of missions, compete for federal contracts, and work closely and in proximity with their military and NASA customers. Opportunities exist to work with over 3,200 suppliers and partner with Agility Prime companies as well as top universities doing research and development for the military and NASA.

Ohio Military Installations Create Opportunities for Manufacturing and Defense Contractors

If you are looking to build or expand your military and defense services company, Ohio is a great place for manufacturing and defense contracting companies. Learn the advantages of relocating to Ohio by contacting our team of military and federal experts.

Ohio is actively investing in a living lab for integrated autonomous systems on the road and in the air. Learn more about what Ohio is doing to drive urban air mobility and a fully integrated autonomous transportation ecosystem forward.

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Elaine Bryant is Managing Director of Military & Federal, supporting Advanced Air Mobility companies
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Military & Federal
James Dignan is Director of Reserve/Guard, supporting Military installation operations
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