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Financial Statements

View or Download Financial Statements from 2015 to Present

JobsOhio Holds Itself to the Highest Level of Financial Accountability

Each year, JobsOhio undergoes an audit and three quarterly reviews of its financial statements performed by a “Big 4” accounting firm, or one of four of the biggest professional services networks in the country.


JobsOhio operates on a fiscal year basis, which concludes annually on June 30. Reporting of financial activity, assets and liabilities is completed using the accrual basis of accounting used by other private sector businesses.


On July 6, 2011, JobsOhio acquired JobsOhio Beverage System (JOBS), a nonprofit corporation under Chapter 1702 of the Ohio Revised Code. JOBS is responsible for reporting the financial activity of the Ohio liquor enterprise. As the sole member of JOBS, JobsOhio appoints all members of the JOBS’ board of directors, its governing body.


In accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board, JobsOhio’s financial statements now include JOBS as a blended component unit. The accounting and financial reporting practices of JobsOhio and JOBS conform to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.

View or Download Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2022
Fiscal Year 2021
Audited Year-End FY2021 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2020
Audited Year-End FY2020 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2019
Audited Year-End FY2019 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2018
Audited Year-End FY2018 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2017
Audited Year-End FY2017 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2016
Audited Year-End FY2016 Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2015
Audited Year-End FY2015 Financial Statements
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