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JobsOhio Hiring Strategies and Associate Compensation

In order to fulfill the mission of JobsOhio, you must have the right talent. JobsOhio has a team of highly accomplished business professionals with decades of combined experience—a team dedicated to the mission and who are responsible leading and driving results.

Sheila Aekins, Managing Director, Human Resources General Lester L. Lyles, Board of Directors, Compensation & Workforce Committee Chair, Investment CommitteeWed Feb 24 2021

JobsOhio is a best-in-class economic development corporation providing competitive advantages for Ohio so that the state can compete globally for capital investment and the creation of new jobs. We are engineered differently than other state economic development entities; We are experienced business professionals committed to attracting, retaining and growing business for the benefit of all Ohioans; We are venture capitalists investing for the prosperity of Ohio communities. Because JobsOhio operates under this unique model, it requires unique talent and hiring strategies to achieve its mission.

Hiring the Right Employees

We strive to hire employees who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to fulfill our mission and deliver on our organization and team goals. In addition to skillset, we carefully consider behaviors aligned with how we work—which is more than just delivering results, but prioritizing how we deliver those results. Shared values across the organization guide our approach, which are: Make a Difference, Act with Integrity and Value People.

JobsOhio’s leadership team and managing directors are business experts with decades of industry-spanning experience at some of the world’s top companies. These highly accomplished professionals are tasked with leading and driving results at JobsOhio. As a beacon for top-tier talent, JobsOhio is working alongside job creators and succeeding in bringing more jobs and investment to Ohio.

Compensation for JobsOhio Associates

We value our associates and believe that competitive wages and benefits are essential in recruiting, retaining and rewarding them for the greater goals of our mission. Like many organizations, JobsOhio is a performance-driven culture and associates are compensated based on their individual efficiency and ability to deliver on established goals.  It is important that we offer salaries commensurate with the work being done and that our culture that fairly rewards and recognizes the contributions of all employees.

All fulltime associates receive these benefits, which are of similar value to benefits offered by other nonprofit organizations:  401K match, medical premiums, vision, dental, and life insurance premiums, and short and long-term disability premiums.

A bi-annual formal review process occurs across the JobsOhio organization. All associates have a review every 6 months to measure and monitor progress against established goals. These reviews incorporate multi-rater input and look at both performance-based metrics as well as the behaviors and core competencies of the organization.

JobsOhio associates’ wages are established in alignment with a thorough, market-based compensation study completed by an independent consulting firm under direction of the JobsOhio Board of Directors.  The independent, third-party considers the work required to execute the mission of JobsOhio and advises on salary bands in accordance with the work completed in each position across the organization. We comply with all federal and state laws and regulations as it relates to employee compensation and ensure total compensation is within budgetary constraints.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe associates are at their best when they are respected and included. In 2019, we embarked on initiatives to further efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion. Then in 2020, we sharpened our focus here as inspired by national events. JobsOhio is investing in this area to help advance our company, our industry and our state.  While there is still work to do, we are collaborating with network partners and those in the economic development space to share best practices and hold roundtables. Looking ahead, we will continue to pursue other opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion in all of our workplaces.

JobsOhio’s reputation for being a partner in business and best-in-class economic development organization is only possible because of the passionate people that work here.  Our associates leverage deep business sector insights to foster new job creation and help emerging enterprises find their home in Ohio. After more than a decade, our organization is proud to say it has attracted and retained over 800,000 sustainable jobs for the state—the product of a talented group of people. If you are interested in a job at JobsOhio, visit our Careers page to explore openings.

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