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Ohio Hosted Advanced Air Mobility Conference

As the pioneering Wright Brothers invented and built the first flying aircraft in the Dayton area, Ohio was a fitting place to host a conference on the future of flight.

Tue Aug 16 2022
BETA-flight black and white photo with transparent blue background

JobsOhio – the state’s private economic development corporation – was the presenting sponsor and its regional partner, the Dayton Development Coalition, was the event organizer featuring Ohio as the forefront leader in the third revolution in flight.

“Ohio is the perfect destination to test cutting-edge electric flight technology and showcase what the future has in store for advanced air mobility.”
J.P. Nauseef
President and CEO / JobsOhio

Advanced Air Mobility, also known as urban air mobility (UAM), is a new concept of air transportation using electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, known as eVTOLs. By enabling efficient, quiet, and zero-emissions air transportation, AAM will be used for various military missions, low-handoff organ transport, point-to-point cargo operations, as well as passenger transport. From housing AAM vehicles to Air Taxis to NASA space supporters, Ohio has become and will continue to be a leader in the AAM space.  

Those partners continue to show success – in May, Beta Technologies flew its ALIA aircraft more than 2,400 miles, from New York to Arkansas and back, with stops in Akron and Springfield.  BETA currently has an office that includes a flight simulator at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport (SGH).

BETA flight in the clouds
BETA flight team

The flight, which took place over eight days (including time for a significant weather delay), passed through seven states where the aircraft charged on BETA-owned electric chargers. By completing this mission, BETA was able to show that electric aircraft can operate in real-world weather conditions and the existing National Airspace System (NAS).  

“It’s good to see you, Springfield. You already feel like home,” as a BETA video reveals in a song. “With a charging pad and snack bar, and original micro drones.”  

In the years to come, customers may see flying taxis, and fewer UPS or Amazon trucks on the road and more in the skies.  

Beta Technologies has a prime connection to the U.S. Air Force, as its engineers worked alongside the flight team to develop the aircraft, and earlier this year, hosted two Air Force pilots to fly their ALIA for the first time.  

This matches perfectly with JobsOhio’s exciting new collaboration and campaign, AccelerateOhio, which focuses on attracting companies and organizations involved in scaling advanced mobility solutions.  

Leveraging Ohio's unique position as a leader in both air and ground mobility, AccelerateOhio is a collaborative effort between the state of Ohio, JobsOhio, and 15 public and private organizations to create an ecosystem of innovation for the advanced mobility sector - including automotive, aviation, aerospace, and military industries.

JobsOhio is especially proud of its military federal sector, promoting industry partnerships with federal and military installations and remaining a military-friendly state that welcomes men and women in and out of uniform.

The August conference brought leaders together with Ohio’s federal and commercial partners including NASA, the U.S. Air Force, FAA, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for conversation on moving the industry forward. Ohio is leading the nation in AAM for its state-wide strategy, and federal partners view the state as a model for the nation in early deployment and community integrations.

The event also celebrated the groundbreaking of the National Advanced Air Mobility Center of Excellence, a center for innovation and collaboration in the AAM community, at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

The center will make it easier to monitor eVTOLs and drones. Ohio’s focus on advanced air mobility creates the ideal place to design, test, and deploy advanced air mobility technologies and the future of transportation.

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