Why the JobsOhio Model Works

With a unique business model, JobsOhio operates unlike any other state economic development organization.
David Mustine, senior advisor, JobsOhio
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JobsOhio has a unique business model. Unlike other state economic development organizations, JobsOhio is a nonprofit company that has a private funding stream and an independent board of directors. This structure is designed for continuity and long-term stability.

Unique Model

In 2013, JobsOhio acquired Ohio's liquor enterprise to fund economic development activities. Private funding gives JobsOhio a competitive advantage because it enables us to make long-term commitments. This flexibility also allows JobsOhio to respond quickly to the needs of businesses and communities, providing customized solutions. As a business, JobsOhio focuses on strategic investments to ensure that every project provides direct benefit to the state. It invests funds in projects that will have a positive impact on Ohio promising long-term, in-state growth and good-paying jobs for Ohioans.

Customer Focus

At JobsOhio, the relationship comes first. JobsOhio focuses on companies, building trust with them and cultivating long-term relationships by providing outstanding service at the speed of business. A network of six regional partners and countless local economic development organizations across the state collaborate with JobsOhio to ensure that companies' needs are met at every level. As a nonprofit company, JobsOhio can respond more quickly to trends in business and industry, implementing programs and services that meet specific needs.

Expert Leadership

The management team at JobsOhio includes experts in Ohio's nine key industries and five cross sector strategies. Guided by their many years of experience, these leaders connect companies with resources, organizations, academia and partners.

JobsOhio was created with businesses in mind. Its resources and its independent operations give it the ability to meet business needs. Dedicated to driving economic investment in Ohio with strong capabilities, JobsOhio serves companies at every stage of the business process.

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