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Grow Your Business in Ohio

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If you’re looking for people, partnerships, and purpose to drive business growth, you'll find it here.

Find the Opportunity to Make a Difference in Ohio

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What You’ll Find in Ohio


From start-ups to established enterprises, business leaders choose Ohio for its exceptional workforce, innovation, economy, and incentives. Since 2010, Ohio has risen in the ranks as a best state for business due to its favorable business climate and increasingly diverse economy. Ohio has a simplified tax structure, central location, and affordable cost of doing business that are catalysts for every business – like yours – to succeed.



Ask most executives why they choose Ohio, and they’ll tell you it is due to Ohio’s skilled and educated workforce. Ohioans have the ingenuity to creatively solve problems and the perseverance to see that solution implemented. Ohio has talent solutions in place to help you find, train, hire, and upskill the workforce you need.



In Ohio, research and innovation is facilitated within an array of connected incubators, universities, and private corporations. These networks channel investment, streamline invention, prepare workforces, and accelerate commercialization. Ohio has programs and services to help you push the limits.



Affordable living, great schools, friendly culture, food, and entertainment — it’s all in Ohio and part of what makes the state’s quality of life so high. Ohio is the No. 1 most affordable state in the U.S.


Ohio is a great place for families because of its great schools – pre-K through higher education. Embrace a warm, family-friendly culture that stretches from the back roads to the city streets in every region of Ohio.


Ohioans work hard but also appreciate work-life balance and they enjoy it because there’s so much to do. Ohio’s local and regional arts and culture scenes are bursting with creativity from independent artists, performing arts and theater groups, museums, comedy clubs, festivals, and more.

“The vibrant business environment, access to a growing talent pool, favorable operating costs and central location from a logistics perspective were all important reasons behind our decision to locate here.”
Arleen Paulino
senior vice president of manufacturing, Amgen
306,000+ Women-Owned Business in Ohio

Generate over $29 BILLION in revenue

Source: Cincy Magazine

Women In Leadership
Among U.S. News and World Report's Best States for Opportunity
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Invested by JobsOhio Growth Capital Fund
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Ohio's venture capital growth between 2017 and 2019, 3x the regional average (47%)

JobsOhio - Your Partner in Business

JobsOhio is Ohio’s private nonprofit economic development corporation. We are your one-stop-shop for success in the state.


When businesses seek to establish or expand their operations, they turn to JobsOhio for partnership. Through programs and services including site selection, talent acquisition, financial support, and more, we help businesses like yours to invest in Ohio. In collaboration with six regional partners and hundreds of local economic development practitioners, we work with public and private entities across the state to make this happen.


We aren’t like other state-level economic development organizations. Our unique business model allows us to move at the rapid “speed of business” and maintain a long-term relationship with businesses.


Your business and your career are important in your life. We recognize that, aim to learn about your business, care about what you care about, and are your long-term partner that you can turn to for questions and assistance.


Learn more about JobsOhio or fill out our contact form to start conversing with us!

Hear from leaders in Ohio

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In Ohio, I found the opportunity to make a difference.
Devon Valencia
Chief Information Officer, CareSource
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It’s important to us that we give back to our community. And we do that in part by attracting and retaining engineering talent in Ohio, as well as mentoring and empowering the next generation of leaders in our industry.
Marianne Corrao
co-founder and executive vice president, Nexus Engineering Group
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Our whole team is so excited to continue our growth in Mansfield and to be contributing to the economic viability of the region. It’s wonderful to see our economic partners work with companies like ours to create jobs and expand our businesses locally and throughout Ohio.
Shelley Fisher
president of Edge Plastics

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