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Putting the “Advanced” in Advanced Manufacturing

Ohio is made for manufacturing

Ohio is one of the greatest leaders in manufacturing in the United States. Manufacturing operations have been a staple of Ohio’s economy for generations, making products that move, support, impact and change how we live and work. Over the years, this has created a world class industry dedicated to productivity, quality craftsmanship and manufacturing innovation. Ohio is made for makers, and the stamp of “Made in Ohio” means made by the best.

In Ohio, you can:

  • Connect to all elements of the supply chain easily, quickly and cost-effectively via one of the best transportation systems in the U.S.
  • Hire expert production and engineering talent, as well as tap into training programs across the state that connect you to an evolving talent pipeline.
  • Benefit from a top destination for Foreign Trade Zones that pro-manufacturing tax structure (No. 3 in new capital-intensive manufacturer corporate tax costs and No. 5 in new labor-intensive manufacturer corporate tax costs, Tax Foundation 2021).
  • Find the ideal location for your manufacturing facility with JobsOhio’s start-to-finish site selection programs.

3rd Largest Manufacturing Workforce in The U.S.

#1 in Glass, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Means Companies are Close to Suppliers

12B Invested Annually in R&D Statewide

Advanced manufacturing companies in Ohio are specializing in industrial internet of things (IIoT), additive manufacturing, 3-D printing, automation, advanced materials (including glass-filled composites), and advanced metal alloys. Ohio’s manufacturing industry is the gateway to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage that will support your bottom-line success.

Be a part of the legacy. Make your future in Ohio.

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“UNITED GRINDING North America has observed and experienced a passion for creating a solid manufacturing base here in Ohio. UNITED GRINDING North America is also growing in Ohio because we have access to an exceptional workforce who are culturally dedicated and committed to doing their part in ensuring the company’s success. Bottom line, UNITED GRINDING North America is growing because we have made Ohio home!”
—Rodger Pinney, vice chairman of UNITED GRINDING’s board of directors

Success Stories

Northeast Ohio’s Smart Manufacturing IIoT Roadmap Earns International Recognition

Northeast Ohio’s Smart Manufacturing IIoT Roadmap Earns International Recognition

Team NEO receives innovation award; plan serves as blueprint for all of Ohio
Glenn Richardson, Managing Director, JobsOhio
November 11, 2019

Team NEO, JobsOhio’s northeast Ohio regional partner, received an award for an initiative dedicated to driving the industrial internet of things and smart manufacturing in the region. The roadmap is based on practical application and industry expertise, and serves as a blueprint for facilitating advanced manufacturing across Ohio.

Trans-Cycle Industries of Ohio Expands its Headquarters, Boosts Recycling Capacity

Eco-friendly, family-owned TCI of Ohio will add square footage and invest in M&E to support process and warehouse inventory
September 30, 2020

Established in 2006, Trans-Cycle Industries (TCI) of Ohio is a family-owned one-stop management solution for the recycling and disposal of transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment. “Since our market entry in 2017, TCI of Ohio has seen rapid success and growing contracts,” said TCI of Ohio Owner George Jackson. Added square footage to its headquarters in Columbus will help the company meet the rising demand for its services.

Lincoln Electric Extends Expertise into Additive Manufacturing

Global manufacturer using 3D printing technology on large-scale products
May 3, 2019

Lincoln Electric, a leading manufacturer of arc welding products and robotic arc welding systems and equipment, is set to launch a metal additive manufacturing service in Northeast Ohio later this year. The company will focus on large-scale metal products by welding layers of metal upon metal. This expansion in the 3D printing space supports Northeast Ohio’s focus on becoming a “center of excellence” for additive manufacturing.

Research & Development Center Grant

JobsOhio is committed to supporting pioneers in the state and driving industry-changing innovation. That’s why we created the JobsOhio Research & Development (R&D) Center Grant which includes up to $100 million of overall funding assistance to help facilitate the creation of new R&D centers across Ohio. This grant can help you establish new R&D for your manufacturing initiatives.

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