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Financial Services

Where Industry Leadership Meets Industry Disruption

Success in an evolving fintech landscape requires surrounding yourself with industry knowledge, innovation, and talent. With a high concentration of financial services companies operating in the state, the advancement of fintech through research, technology, and innovation makes Ohio a primary landing spot for financial services and financial technology companies that shape the future of fintech.

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“The economic development team was very pro-active, which made all the difference. The RGP team does an excellent job representing the state and using the tools at their disposal to incentivize projects to locate in Ohio.”
Meegan S.
Duff & Phelps
Access to Partners

Ohio provides a unique, world-class financial ecosystem. The state’s highly diversified economy gives companies the foundation to succeed.

Largest Financial Services sector in the U.S. (2020 GSP)
Arial view of US Bank
In top 50 Bank HQ’s (by assets)
In number of Fortune 500 and 1000 headquarters in the U.S.

Top Financial Retail Institutions with Ohio HQs:


Location, Location, Location

You can access nearly 75% of the U.S. and Canadian financial services industry within a two-hour flight.

A U.S. Map with Ohio highlighted and major cities nearby
Access to Talent

Sophisticated, tech-savvy

2 people working in an office with others
3 Top-25
U.S. Cities for Small Tech Talent Markets (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland)
2 women working at a computer
Workforce is larger than the City of London’s
graduate hats
College grads annually qualified to work in the financial services industry

In Ohio, you can…

  • Collaborate with world-leading insurance and financial institutions including Progressive Insurance, KeyBank, Huntington, and Fifth Third Bank, as well as industry-disrupting fintech companies including Klarna, Root Insurance, and Alliance Data.
  • Get the same results as investments in coastal cities, but with office rents ¼ of the cost of NYC and San Francisco, no state income tax, as well as affordable talent that is 1/3 of the cost of NYC and San Francisco wages. In Ohio, every dollar goes further, resulting in more capital to invest in Research & Development (R&D) and company expansion.
  • Hire sophisticated tech talent to power your fintech innovations in rising tech cities such as Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, which are consistently ranked among the top cities for young professionals and tech talent.
  • Benefit from a supportive business and regulatory climate. In August 2018, Ohio demonstrated its commitment to a fintech future by passing legislation that protects firms developing innovative uses for blockchain technology.

Achieve your Business Goals in Ohio

A JobsOhio R&D Center Grant is available to help financial and insurance companies pursuing innovations including regtech, digital banking, insurtech, blockchain, AI, and risk management. Ohio’s financial services sector is conducive to innovation, leadership, and industry-defining action.

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Shape the Future of Insurance in Ohio

Ohio is a hub for insurtech innovation and it starts with the state’s leadership in insurance and financial services. Learn why Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, lower costs, and qualified talent pool makes the state an ideal location for growing insurtech companies.

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