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IT’s Happening in Ohio!

From startups to established leaders, companies involved in revolutionary technologies are investing in Ohio.

Technology is changing every industry, and in Ohio, companies pursuing tech are thriving. A strong digital infrastructure made up of fast broadband and connected resources enables knowledge sharing, partnerships and innovation. Additionally, Ohio’s cybersecurity initiatives, including workforce development programs, are some of the best in the country.

In Ohio, you can:

  • Hire educated and skilled talent from Ohio’s colleges, universities and other higher education programs, which produce a pipeline of plentiful, well-trained employees.
  • Collaborate with a large tech community of accelerators, government entities, academia, corporations and startups, all pursuing digital innovation.
  • Operate at a fraction of the cost compared to coastal locations, as Ohio’s lower cost of living and housing mean an overall lower cost of doing business.
  • Take advantage of the only state to have two cities, Columbus and Cincinnati, named in Forbes’ Top 10 Rising Cities for Startups, made possible by incubators, major venture capital and angel funds, and mentorships from Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.

Whether innovating in robotics, IoT, fiber optics, artificial intelligence, data centers, smart mobility, cybersecurity or other technology, companies have the business resources to succeed in Ohio.

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Tech’s Transformative Power Across All Industries

Tech integration is vital for adaptation, evolution and ongoing competitiveness. In Ohio, digital advancementsare actively transforming every industry. Statewide investments in broadband, partnerships and workforce programs are supporting a growing number of tech improvements and encouraging innovation.


Steven Hong had achieved success as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley after getting his Ph.D. at Stanford. However, when he and his father, Lang Hong, (associate dean and professor of electrical engineering at Wright State University), had an inkling of an idea, he was drawn back to the Midwest. That was the start of Oculii.

Slalom Consulting LLC Expands into First Ohio Office

Fast-growing consulting firm serves Fortune 500 companies, and expands in the state to meet growing demand
June 16, 2020

Slalom Consulting LLC, a $1.6 billion modern management consulting firm focused on strategy, technology and business transformation, has announced plans to expand in Columbus, Ohio, creating 85 new jobs and investing $547,000.

Helium SEO Plans to Nearly Triple in Size in Ohio

The ability to recruit and train talent in Ohio playeda major factor in the company’sdecisionto expand in the state
June 8, 2020

Founded in 2017, Helium SEO is a Cincinnati-based digital marketing company using artificial intelligence to increase qualified leads for its clients. After experiencing significant growth and seeing success with its clients, the company realized its need to significantly increase its workforce. By growing in Ohio, the company will be able to find the quantity and quality of employees it needs.

Customer Accessibility Encourages E-Commerce Company Loop to Expand HQ in Ohio

Ohio-grown Loop plans to almost triple its workforce and continue to take advantage of customer connectivity through geographical proximity and direct flights
March 2, 2020

Loop, an e-commerce company with the most advanced returns and exchanges app on Shopify, announced plans to grow its headquarters in Ohio. A new round of funding gave Loop the fuel to grow its headquarters and significantly increase its workforce. From Ohio, Loop is geographically close to customers while frequent flights keep the company connected to other major cities across the U.S. The company is reinvesting in central Ohio to continue benefitting from Ohio’s advantages.

Surgere, Inc., a Leading Supply Chain Technology Company, Expands in Ohio

Company drawn to Ohio’s workforce, colleges, universities and quality of life
January 16, 2020

Surgere, Inc. — developers of asset visibility, control and analytics software utilizing AI technology — experienced hyper-growth over the past two years. The company plans to expand its operations in Green, Ohio, which has an excellent workforce and education presence, as well as a community that will benefit its employees.

Rapidly Growing Startup ScriptDrop Expands and Pledges 80 Jobs in Ohio

Quality talent, space to grow and strategic partnerships are valuable to the company
December 9, 2019

Since its founding in Ohio in 2017, ScriptDrop transitioned from a concept, to a startup company, to now leasing 10,000 square feet of independent space in Columbus. The company needs to prepare for its continuous growth and the CEO is dedicated to keeping that growth in Ohio.

auticon, an IT and Compliance Consulting Business, Creates 50 New Jobs for Ohioans on the Autism Spectrum

Collaborative tech community leads to company’s new regional headquarters
November 13, 2019

auticon employs adults on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2011, auticon is the first enterprise to scale its employee model worldwide. The company sought a new regional headquarters and found that Ohio has a large presence of businesses in need of its services.

Venture Capital Firms Invested in Ohio at Record Levels in 2018

Venture Capital Firms Invested in Ohio at Record Levels in 2018

Ohio leads the Midwest in attracting growth capital
Matt Waldo, senior manager of research and analysis
March 11, 2019

Since the early 2000s, a significant shift has occurred in pulling VC funding away from the West Coast. Where is the funding going? It’s heading to the Midwest, and Ohio is leading the way. Ohio is earning national attention for its thriving and continuously growing startup environment.

Ohio’s Innovation Spaces Power Next-Gen Technology Solutions

Ohio’s Innovation Spaces Power Next-Gen Technology Solutions

Businesses and academic institutions embrace new ecosystems of advancement
Ted Griffith, managing director of technology, JobsOhio
January 2, 2019

In Ohio, our workforce, businesses, academic institutions, and medical and health systems are on the cutting edge of a digital shift. Creating unique labs and innovation hubs allows them to be nimble and agile to develop solutions that meet the need for business profitability and create delightful customer experiences.

Opportunity in Ohio: Cybersecurity

Across the state, Ohio’s universities, businesses, governments and citizens are investing in cybersecurity measures to protect and defend the interests of Ohioans and Ohio businesses. These investments strengthen Ohio’s position as leader in the fields of cybersecurity and data protection.

Ohio Supercomputer Center and OARnet

Ohio’s technology infrastructure includes advantageous resources such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet). The Ohio Supercomputer Center is a publicly owned supercomputer that provides integrated hardware, software and consulting. OARnet connects academia, research and business at a faster speed, with higher security at lower cost, enabling resource sharing across the state. Click the brochure below to learn more about the benefits of these resources.