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In Ohio, Hitachi Healthcare Americas Establishes Its First Healthcare R&D Facility Outside of Japan

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Tue Feb 08 20221 min read

News: Research & Innovation

Innovation is both a key to success and a determining factor of resilience in uncertain times. Due to the vast changes brought on by the current global pandemic, innovation is key to navigating the new normal.


Research and development are key to Ohio’s strategies to foster a resilient business climate and stay ahead in the competitive global economy. JobsOhio supports local businesses with innovation through personalized support that can include grants, site selection, talent services, and more.


From Fintech, healthcare, and advancements in aviation down to supply chain management and distribution, innovation is key to driving success throughout Ohio.


“A statewide network of capital and business support, shepherded by the JobsOhio team, creates a continuum of assistance for company creation, early-stage seed and venture funding, and corporate partnerships to scale and reach market penetration.”


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