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Alcorta Forging Group Plans to Establish its First U.S. Manufacturing Operation and Headquarters in Ohio

Ohio’s economic, industrial and community benefits will provide company with new capabilities

Wed Jun 17 2020

Company Name: Alcorta Forging Group
Location: Marysville
Industry Sector: Automotive
Company Profile: Alcorta Forging Group is a Basque (Spanish) company with over 100 years of experience in the metallurgy sector, working for the automotive industry since the early 80’s. The company is headquartered Elgoibar, Spain. Alcorta also has subsidiaries in USA, Germany, France, Czech Republic, China and South Africa.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New location

Jobs Committed: 50

Capital Investment: $15,000,000

Company Need:

Alcorta sought to locally produce parts in the U.S. in order to expand its North American supply chain. With many of its customers located in Ohio, the Midwest and throughout North America, a location in Marysville would provide an ideal base of operations here.

“Establishing our manufacturing plant in Ohio offers us a great opportunity to locally produce parts that are currently exported from Europe, while expanding our supply to Canadian, American and Mexican customers. We strongly believe the Columbus Region provides better capabilities for our company.”
Lorenzo Mendieta
CEO, Alcorta

Why Ohio?

After reviewing more than 20 locations, Alcorta selected Marysville due to its economic and industrial environment, the availability of adequate human resources, state and city support and the sincere involvement in the project from everyone in different city, county and state organizations.

Ohio has deep roots in the automotive industry and a proven reputation as an industry leader. A full automotive supply chain; established and skilled automotive workforce; and proximity to customers, suppliers and partners make Ohio ideal for global companies looking to succeed in the U.S.

Alcorta’s new 150,000-square-foot forging and manufacturing facility will also house its first and only U.S. headquarters. The project will be completed in three phases, with the company investing a total of $15 million toward the new building, as well as state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.


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