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ALTIVIA Expands for a Second Time at Ohio Facility

Company’s existing plant is geographically and strategically located to best meet its key markets and promote business growth

Thu Jun 04 2020

Company Name: ALTIVIA Petrochemicals LLC
Location: Haverhill
Industry Sector: Energy & Chemicals
Company Profile: Altivia Petrochemicals LLC is a privately owned company located in Haverhill, Ohio, producing phenol, acetone and alpha-methylstyrene. ALTIVIA is committed to safely producing high quality products, reaching markets across the U.S., as well as international customers.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion

Number of Jobs: 

  • Jobs committed: 12
  • Jobs retained: 137

Capital Investment: $5 million

Company Need:

ALTIVIA is the third-largest merchant supplier of phenol and acetone in the Americas. The company acquired the Haverhill plant in 2015 with support from JobsOhio and OhioSE and was looking to upgrade the facility.

“The JobsOhio, OhioSE and Scioto County Economic Development office staff are clearly committed to creating an advantaged Ohio state through their tireless efforts to promote and support industry.”
Timothy Albert
Vice President of Manufacturing / ALTIVIA

Why Ohio?

ALTIVIA’s expansion will be its second at the facility since 2015 and will include several on-site infrastructure improvements. ALTIVIA utilizes three of southern Ohio’s best assets to transport its raw materials and products: the Ohio River, rail and highway access. ALTIVIA believes the Haverhill facility is geographically and strategically located to best meet its key markets and promote business growth.

Ohio is a well-established base for companies moving goods around the globe, with a desirable location that’s a one-day drive from more than 60% of the U.S. and Canadian populations. Cities across the U.S. and globe are easily accessible via Ohio’s multimodal transportation infrastructure, recognized as one of the best in the U.S.

JobsOhio and OhioSE offered ALTIVIA a JobsOhio Economic Development Grant for its most recent facility upgrades.


OhioSE, the Scioto County Economic Development office, the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio and JobsOhio

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