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Findlay Machine and Tool Doubles Production Capacity Size in Ohio

Ohio provides the company with efficient access to some of the biggest markets in the Midwest

Mon Jun 28 2021

Company Name: Findlay Machine and Tool
Location: Findlay
Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Company Profile: Findlay Machine and Tool is a high-quality plastic parts manufacturer offering a range of services including engineering and design, industrial 3D printing and prototyping, plastic injection molding and tooling services. The Hancock County company’s experience and capability manufacturing large parts that require high-tonnage injection presses is a significant differentiator for the company.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 52
  • Jobs retained: 26

Capital Investment: $7,240,960

Company Need:

Findlay Machine and Tool needs to support its more than 30% annual growth rate. It requires a larger facility where it can add additional presses and has enough space to allow for continued expansion.

“Being centrally located is critically important and a major advantage for our company. From a logistics perspective, we are within 600 miles of approximately 60% of the US population and our robust transportation network provides efficient access in and out.”
Dave Feldman
CEO, Findlay Machine and Tool

Why Ohio?

FMT Plastics plans to expand in Ohio. Company CEO Dave Feldman attributes Ohio’s advanced manufacturing expertise as a key factor it the decision to expand in Findlay, as well as the area’s proximity to market.

The presses provide the latest in efficient, precision manufacturing which means a cleaner manufacturing environment, accurate, high-quality parts, shorter run times and ultimately better value for customers.

“We are making considerable investments in our team and in the latest in modern, eco-friendly, fully-automated, advanced manufacturing technologies, combined with a focus in innovation and new product development. These investments are designed to provide our clients with industry leading solutions and unmatched value.”
Nick Reinhart
Owner, Findlay Machine and Tool
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