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Nexient Will Create 200 Jobs at Its New Location in Central Ohio

The Silicon Valley-based company cites talent, affordability and opportunity as draw.

Mon Mar 25 2019

Company Name: Nexient LLC
Location: Columbus Region
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile:

Nexient specializes in helping companies succeed with a product-minded software development approach focused on revenue growth and customer experience. The company’s 100 percent U.S. workforce enables real-time client collaboration throughout the day and offers a domestic alternative to developing software offshore. Nexient’s clients include high-tech companies and large enterprises across a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, media, utilities, manufacturing, logistics, and travel and hospitality.

Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New location

Number of Jobs:

  • Jobs committed: 200
  • Jobs retained: 2
  • Types of jobs: Software developers

Capital Investment: $100,000

Company Need:

Nexient, the nation’s leading provider of 100 percent, U.S.-based Agile software development services, needed to meet the demand of its software operations. The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, has a sole delivery center that is close to reaching capacity. Nexient is seeking to open an additional delivery center.

Why Ohio?

Nexient is creating its Columbus Product Development Center to help meet the demand for its software “teams on tap.” The region is a draw for Nexient because of the combination of demographics, affordability, quality of life, growth opportunities and convenient access to The Ohio State University. Nexient is still in the process of selecting a specific location in the Columbus region.

The region is home to 2.1 million people and is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the Midwest. The workforce in the region is young, diverse and highly educated, and the region has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of millennials. Costs to do business in Ohio are low.  The cost of living is 50 percent less than the West Coast, and the cost to operate is nearly 70 percent less.

Proximity to The Ohio State University offers a constant and large pipeline of young, educated workers. And Ohio’s technology environment has attracted innovators including Facebook, Google and Upstart.


“Nexient is growing fast, so we have been looking for an additional talent market to accelerate that pace. Finding a place with the right combination of talent, quality of life, affordability and growth opportunities is essential to our success — and we believe we’ve found them all in the Columbus Region. We’ve also been delighted with the support from JobsOhio, which will partner with us in recruiting tech managers, developers and quality engineers to complement the Salesforce application development practice we’ve been growing in the region.”

- Mark Orttung, CEO, Nexient


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