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Ohio Associated Enterprises Relocates a Portion of its California Operations to Ohio

Deep-rooted advanced technology manufacturer combines operations to save cost

Thu Nov 19 2020

Company Name: Ohio Associated Enterprises
Location: Painesville
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile: Meritec and Joy Signal Technology, the operating divisions of Ohio Associated Enterprises, have established themselves as indispensable suppliers of highly-engineered electronic interconnect solutions for high-speed and high-fidelity original equipment manufacturers. Markets served include military/aerospace, automated testing equipment, medical, industrial, and datacom.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Consolidation


  • Jobs committed: 88
  • Jobs retained: 177

Company Need:

Ohio Associated Enterprises seeks to profitably grow its footprint in the Automated Testing Equipment market by reducing costs and improving its supply chain.


“This expansion will allow Ohio Associated Enterprises to profitably grow its footprint in the Automated Testing Equipment market. Our experience is a case study for other manufacturers who are considering offshoring or re-shoring supply chain. Location matters and costs in different parts of the country vary significantly. The business-friendly initiatives put in place by the state of Ohio and the city of Painesville were the difference makers for us.” - Bill Frazier, chief financial officer, Ohio Associated Enterprises

Why Ohio?

Ohio Associated Enterprises will be able to save costs by relocating operations from Chico, California, to a consolidated location in Painesville, Ohio.  The company’s leaders cite Ohio’s business-friendly environment and talented workforce for the expansion of their advanced manufacturing operations in Northeast Ohio.

Companies and people on the coasts are considering the viability of other locations in the U.S. to save costs as coastal operations can be costly. In Ohio, every dollar goes further. Ohio is one-quarter the cost of New York City and San Francisco for office rent. Ohio also has the lowest taxes in the Midwest for capital-intensive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing talent is available at wages 11% less than the national average because of Ohio’s comparatively low cost of living.


JobsOhio, Team NEO, city of Painesville, and Lake County Ohio Port & Economic Development Authority

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