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P&THE Manufacturing to Revitalize Ross Aluminum in Sidney, creating 175 jobs

Acquisition Brings Expansion and Revitalization of Cast Aluminum Facility

Wed Oct 12 2022

Company Name: P&THE Manufacturing

Location: Sidney

Site Region: Western

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Profile: P&THE Manufacturing is an aluminum foundry producing aluminum castings in the aerospace, performance racing, diesel engine, and power generation industries.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Acquisition


  • Jobs committed: 175
  • Jobs retained: 49
  • Types of jobs: Advanced Manufacturing

Capital Investment: $5,034,000

Company Need:

The P&TH Manufacturing acquisition of Ross Aluminum is targeted at revitalizing this casting company. Its growth will bring 175 new jobs in Sydney, Ohio. This business casts aluminum parts, primarily for the aerospace, auto, and specialty industries. The company is looking to build on local expertise, and the acquisition has retained 49 jobs.


“Ross Aluminum is a strong addition to our manufacturing portfolio. We’re excited for the opportunity to grow our Sidney operations here and draw from the skilled workforce in Shelby County and beyond. We’re grateful for the support of our local partners and JobsOhio.”
Pancho Hall
CEO and Chairman / P&THE

Why Ohio?

The acquisition fits into P&THE’s strategy to acquire a collection of world-class enterprises that serve global communities by providing customers with the highest quality manufacturing parts and services as their Global Minority Business Enterprise of choice.

Ohio’s manufacturing sector employs more than 600,000 skilled individuals, the third-largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S. This surplus means there are more dedicated, well-trained workers in Ohio to support your growth. More than 50 campuses graduate over 13,000 engineers & engineering technicians annually.


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