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Rapidly Growing IT Firm Eyes Expansion into Other Industries

Launched out of Bowling Green State University, Satelytics Inc. grows to pursue more applications for its technology

Mon Sep 28 2020

Company Name: Satelytics Inc.
Location: Perrysburg
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile: Satelytics uses high-resolution spectral imagery from satellites, drones, and other platforms to provide critical data to multiple industries, most significantly oil and gas, pipeline, power utilities and water/wastewater.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 38
  • Jobs retained: 10
  • Types of jobs: Scientists, software professionals, data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, sales professionals, and support personnel positions.

Company Need:

Founded as a start-up out of Bowling Green State University in 2009, Satelytics Inc. initially focused on monitoring the world’s water supplies. However, leaders realized the greater potential of the technology and decided to increase their focus and capabilities into other industries.

As a result, the company needs to expand.


“We are thrilled to enter this next phase of scaling the business at our new home in Perrysburg. The key to our footprint in Northwest Ohio is our people.  We want to continue to build this collaborative culture and encourage our new team members to place roots in the area.  This new location will allow us to better showcase talent and attract recruits with the welcoming surroundings of Northwest Ohio.  In fact, we are already working towards relocating a new team member into the area from out of state.”

- Sean Donegan, CEO, Satelytics

Why Ohio?

Following a competitive nationwide site selection process, Satelytics chose to keep growing in Ohio. The company cited the region’s access to talented workforce and resources to support training needs as primary reasons to remain in Ohio. An attractive business climate and market access were also driving factors.

Ohio’s labor market is among the top 10 most competitive in the U.S. Also, with the seventh largest state population in the U.S, Ohio has an abundance of workers who specialize in Ohio is technology, energy, manufacturing and beyond.

JobsOhio provided a Workforce Training Grant to the company and the Ohio Development Services Agency approved a Job Creation Tax Credit.


The Regional Growth Partnership, JobsOhio, the city of Perrysburg, the Wood County Economic Development Commission and the Ohio Development Services Agency

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