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State Leaders Applaud Intel for Choosing Ohio

Tue Jan 18 2022

Leaders of industry, companies, and government across the state continue to share thoughts on Ohio’s win.

Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson:

“Semiconductors make almost every facet of modern life possible — from computers and smart phones to cars and appliances — and they played an integral role in the technologies that enabled us to stay connected throughout the pandemic. They will also be integral to a wide range of applications in which Ohio State is actively involved from a research perspective, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, vaccine development and more. So, it’s a natural fit for Ohio State, along with our fellow institutions of higher education, to partner on this game-changing investment in semiconductor manufacturing. Today’s announcement is significant for Ohio, for Intel, and for the national interest, as we are still in the midst of a global chip shortage. But it also presents a remarkable opportunity for current and future students. It will cement Ohio as a top magnet for retaining and attracting a new generation of talent and build on numerous opportunities under development within our state’s colleges and universities, including at Ohio’s innovation districts, which are already taking shape in partnership with JobsOhio.”

The Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, NFIB Ohio, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, Ohio Farm Bureau, and the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement by Intel that it will build a new computer-chip factory in central Ohio is a monumental win for our state and our country. The COVID-19 pandemic and its supply-chain disruptions, pandemic, and its supply-chain disruptions, together with aggressive foreign trade practices, showed many organizations the importance of moving manufacturing capacity back to the United States from overseas; perhaps none more important than the semiconductor industry. Domestic chip manufacturing is essential for our national security, and we are pleased Ohio is leading the way. This announcement would not have been possible without the steadfast leadership of the DeWine-Husted Administration, as well as our partners at JobsOhio who have worked tirelessly to put Ohio in a position to land this “megaproject.” The Intel investment – which represents the largest economic development project in state history – is only the tip of the iceberg for new economic development in Ohio. This project will bring thousands of high paying jobs to central Ohio and benefit Ohio based suppliers and customers, many of which will be small businesses.”

Kenny McDonald, president and CEO, Columbus Partnership:

“We are honored to welcome Intel, one of the world’s best companies, to join us in Ohio. We look forward to working with them to execute their bold plans for the future, knowing the positive impact those plans will have on so many lives. We could not be more proud of our state and JobsOhio. This is an incredible accomplishment.

New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding:

“This is a monumental day for our nation, our state, Licking County and the New Albany International Business Park. On behalf of the City of New Albany and all of our partners, welcome to Ohio, Intel.”

Jack Hershey – President, Ohio Association of Community Colleges

“Ohio’s community colleges applaud Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted and JobsOhio for bringing Intel, with their extraordinary investment, world-leading technologies and well-paying jobs to Ohio.  By every measure, this is an historic moment for our state, a game-changing success that will bring lasting benefits to every corner of Ohio.  The job opportunities generated by Intel and by other high-tech industries sure to follow will require a strong and sustainable pipeline of skilled workers ready and able to seize those opportunities.  Preparing that workforce will be an ongoing challenge, requiring the very best, coordinated efforts from every level of education in our state.  Ohio’s 23 community colleges are well-prepared for that challenge and eager to collaborate to help Intel and other industries of the future thrive here by developing the talent they need to succeed.”

Inter-University Council of Ohio President & CEO Bruce Johnson

“Ohio’s four-year universities are excited to welcome Intel to Ohio, and we look forward to collaborating on this project that will be transformative for the state and for Ohio higher education. Congratulations to Governor DeWine for building this partnership that brings a new, vital industry to Ohio and the Midwest through the largest private-sector investment in our state’s history. Without the Governor’s leadership and commitment, projects like this just don’t happen. The fact that Intel chose Ohio for this investment is testament to the vision, hard work, and dedication to the state of Ohio that both Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted have. They are to be commended,”

C. Todd Jones, President/General Counsel, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio:

"AICUO congratulates Intel and Governor DeWine on the announcement to build two semiconductor facilities in Ohio the largest private investment in state history. Ohio continues to show its commitment to investing in economic development and innovation, and AICUO member institutions look forward to providing the educated workforce needed to make these factories successful."

Ryan Augsburger, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association:

“This project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Buckeye State and its manufacturing community. All 88 counties of our state will benefit from this major investment, which serves as the nation’s leading example of reshoring – a returning to domestic manufacturing. Ohio is where world-class manufacturers go to re-shore American manufacturing. “Over the past two years, the chip shortage has cost manufacturers hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue. The trickle-down effect has impacted every American family and business and magnified the need for a resilient domestic supply chain of semiconductors. Where better to do that than right here in Ohio? By strengthening one of the most vital links of our supply chain, Intel’s decision is a critical economic win for national security and our quality of life. “The DeWine-Husted administration and JobsOhio deserve credit for landing this transformative project, which will usher a new era of American manufacturing and pay dividends for decades to come by attracting more business opportunities.

Matthew Szollosi, Executive Director for Affiliated Construction Trades (ACT) Ohio, which represents 95,000 union construction workers across the state:

“Today’s announcement helps ensure thousands of Ohio’s Building Tradesmen and women will have the opportunity to earn good wages and competitive benefits for years to come. We are so appreciative of Governor DeWine’s efforts to bring Intel’s transformational project to Ohio and proud of the JobsOhio team where work was invaluable.”

Ohio Laborers’ District Council Business Manager Ralph Cole:

“It is a great day to be a laborer in the state of Ohio. I am sorry I could not be with you today to celebrate the announcement of this historical project. On behalf of the 25,000 Union Laborers, I represent; I am proud to support the upcoming Intel Microchip Manufacturing plants being built in New Albany, Ohio. The economic impact a project of this size will have on our state is profound. Not only will it create 7,000 construction jobs over the length of the project, but it will also create 3,000 permanent, good paying jobs for the people in the area.”

“The work Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted did to secure the largest private sector investment in Ohio's history should be commended. Considering the loss of many manufacturing and union jobs over the past several years, this project is a bright spot for Ohio and something all Ohioans should be proud of. The Ohio Laborers look forward to making a positive contribution to the Intel Microchip Plant Development and look forward to the prosperity it will bring to the region.”

U.S. Senator Rob Portman:

“This historic investment is great news for Ohio and for our nation. Intel is a world-class company and Ohio is well situated to be the home of their new semiconductor manufacturing center. Ohioans have a great work ethic, and thanks to our world-class institutions, has a highly trained workforce. It’s a great match. As I highlighted in my conversations with Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, Central Ohio also has the land, resources, and energy infrastructure to accommodate the manufacturing of the best semiconductors in the world. I also want to say a special thanks to Governor DeWine, our state’s economic development arm JobsOhio, and One Columbus for all of their hard work in making this happen.

“While bringing thousands of high-paying jobs to Ohio, this historic investment will also help reshore semiconductor chip manufacturing, which has faced an international shortage over the past few years. U.S. dominance in semiconductor manufacturing has been dwindling for decades, and it’s both an economic and national security concern. While the U.S. still leads the world in chip design, our share of global chip manufacturing capacity over the last 30 years fell from 37 percent in 1990 to 12 percent in 2021, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.

“That is why Intel’s historic investment today means so much and why we are working in a bipartisan fashion in Congress to pass legislation like the CHIPS Act and the broader U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) that I have championed. This legislation would improve our nation’s competitiveness in technology and communications, foreign relations and national security, domestic manufacturing, education, trade, and other important issues. The CHIPS Act specifically would bring $52 billion in new federal investments for domestic semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing. I was proud to cosponsor and support this legislation when it passed the Senate last June, and I’m hopeful the House of Representatives will act quickly so we can get this done.”

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown:

“Today, we are burying the term ‘rust belt.’ Intel’s record investment in our state confirms what we already know: Ohio workers represent the vibrant, dynamic workforce who will lead our country into the future,” said Brown. “This plant will mean 10,000 new, good-paying jobs, and it will position Ohio as the national leader in this critical, growing industry. We know how to speed up our supply chains, lower prices, and better compete with China: make more things in America – and there’s no better place to do it than Ohio.”

“Our competitors, like China, spend billions subsidizing research and development, and they take our ideas and use them to compete – and sometimes cheat – against American workers and businesses,” said Brown. “Our country needs to take this important, bipartisan step to ensure the next generation of technology and economic growth will be developed in America and put Ohioans to work at good-paying jobs.”

Congressman Troy Balderson:

“Welcome to Central Ohio Intel. This initial $20 billion investment puts Licking County at the epicenter of a new Silicon Heartland. This investment is for the kids, their lives change today! Making Licking County the epicenter of the new Silicon Heartland is about creating opportunity for them and keeping talent right here in Ohio!”

Ohio State Rep. Mark Frazier:

“This is exciting to be able to (bring) manufacturing to Ohio and Licking County.”

Ohio State Rep. Allison Russo:

“This is a HUGE opportunity for Ohio and the Central Ohio region: construction jobs, advanced manufacturing jobs, and research & development jobs.”

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